WWE ‘struggling’ with Roman Reigns problem after ‘convoluted’ Drew McIntyre idea

Roman Reigns came close to losing his WWE or Universal Championship to Drew McIntyre in September.

The idea that WWE has put forward to take one of Roman’s titles at Clash at the Castle has now been revealed.

It didn’t come to fruition, but the idea has surfaced online and it’s definitely a “spiral,” suggesting why it didn’t happen.

What is WWE’s idea for Roman Reigns?

Shortly before Clash at the Castle WWE was reportedly considering taking at least one of Roman’s titles, but that never happened.

Roman still walked out of the show as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, however Wrestle Votes Drew told GiveMeSport that he had the idea to ‘wrap around’ to win one of the belts on the show.

The only thing he could think of was with Austin’s theory. He was going to make it known somehow that he was only cashing for one belt. So, it became a triple threat, and Tyson Fury stopped him as he did, and Drew would then take one of the titles.

Due to the whimsical nature of the idea, it didn’t end up making it to TV, WrestleWotes explained, with a reliable source questioning how it would play out on TV.

For whatever reason, it didn’t work, and it was really convoluted. I don’t know how you pull that off on TV.

Interesting, right? But that’s not all WrestleVotes has to say about the situation surrounding Reigns, Drew and Theory.

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Solo Sikova elaborates more on his relationship with Roman rule

WWE’s problem with Roman Reigns

At the time of writing, Roman is still the undisputed WWE Universal Champion and is expected to remain the champion for the foreseeable future.

However, prior to the show in Cardiff, WrestleWotes reported that WWE considered dropping at least one of his belts until the day of the show.

He wants to separate the titles at this point, because he wants the titles back, but he’s struggling to figure out how. I know they used to talk here till night or day.

WWE now seems settled on the fact that Roman will hold both titles heading into WrestleMania 39, but it seems Triple H is always thinking of ways to separate the belts.

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