WWE: 10 wrestlers who could defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed title

Roman Dominion Undisputed is currently in the midst of a historic, generation-defining run WWE Universal Champion.

“Head of the Table” has been Universal Champion for 800 days, winning the belt at Payback in September 2020. To sum up how much has happened since then, the two men he defeated, Bray Watt And Braun Strowman was fired and rehired during this reign.

Reigns became the Undisputed Champion when he bested old foe Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 38, cementing his status as the “Chief of the Tribe” and the No.1 man in the company.

There has been a lot of talk about how Reigns could eventually lose one or both of his titles – it’s not entirely clear whether he’s the unified champion or simply undisputed.

It is heard that they are facing Stone is rock At WrestleMania 39, but is it for both belts, one belt or simply a family feud? One must factor in the Royal Rumble as well. It really is a bit of a minefield that Triple H finds himself in and one he has to navigate properly because the moment Reigns is defeated is one of the biggest in recent memory (he hasn’t been pinned in three years!).

So, who could be doing it? GiveMeSport Takes you through 10 wrestlers who could beat Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship…

10. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is now back in WWE

Bray has been positioned as a megastar since his return to the company, and it wouldn’t be entirely shocking if WWE wanted to hold this marquee match. However, they would be unwise to do so. Wyatt’s character was never one to be driven by WWE titles. It never makes sense, and “The Fiend” title runs should serve as a warning.

9. Gunther

The current Intercontinental Champion appears to be the future World Champion. When is the question? Triple H is the most ex-NXT UK champion and he should transition to the main event in 2023. He could avoid facing Reigns for the title if WWE gives him a record-breaking IC run.

8. Jey Uso

“Main Event” Jey Uso was Reigns’ first challenger for the Universal Championship, and his losses and eventual submission to his cousin Reigns began The Bloodline. Since then, there’s been underlying tension between the pair, and Jay’s current behavior suggests he’ll lash out at Sami Zayn, or “his” tribal chief, in the coming months. Could it be for the title?

7. Sheamus

Reigns is expected to be the next singles opponent for the Undisputed Title. Sheamus is positioned as the captain of his team at WarGames, indicating that they will fight for the belt at the Royal Rumble. The Celtic Warrior has a history of beating Reigns for the title (Survivor Series 2015) – another run as champion is deserved given his recent form but seems unlikely right now.

6. Drew McIntyre

Another man who would go to war with The Bloodline at Survivor Series, Drew was probably the closest anyone would come to ending Reigns’ run as champion at Clash in the Castle. He was only stopped by debutant Solo Sikova. A rematch is likely to be seen at some point in 2023.

5. Kevin Owens

The fifth and final member of Team Brutes (?) for WarGames, KO is another man who successfully challenged Reigns for the title in late 2020 and early 2021. He’s largely done with the fans and has returned to his “Prizefighter” gimmick, likely for one of WWE’s many title runs in the near future.

4. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins feels like he's in the shadow of Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins feels like he’s in the shadow of Roman Reigns

Rollins has yet to be granted a rematch from the Royal Rumble earlier this year when he defeated Reigns by disqualification. This happened after the current US Champion got in his Shield brothers head and forced him into a whiplash. Now that he’s a babyface again, another brotherly battle looms large.

3. Sami Zain

Perhaps the people’s choice to overthrow the regime. Sami is currently enjoying a career as an “Honorary Us” with The Bloodline, and his baby face goes into an earthquake when the group turns on him. Will they challenge the Usos for the tag titles with KO or go to their former boss for the big one.

2. The Rock

At this point in his life and career, the Great One doesn’t need to be champion in WWE. He’ll never be full-time again, he’s 50 and a short-term pop for minimal long-term gain. Who really heads the table doesn’t need a title – just think of his first matches with Rocky Hogan (18) and Cena (28). However, it is still a strong possibility.

1. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes made a shocking return to WWE
Cody Rhodes made a shocking return to WWE

A logical choice. Rhodes made a shocking return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 and immediately established himself as a major player, defeating Seth Rollins three straight times. He said his goal is to win the WWE Championship, which his father never did. With the Royal Rumble looming and an injury comeback possibly in the offing, Cody is currently the odds-on favorite. The title victory over Reigns would last a remarkable few years for the “American Nightmare.”

How many world titles does Roman Reigns have in WWE?

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