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A decade after her death, Whitney Houston’s life and legacy are being explored thanks to a biopic directed by Casey Lemmons. Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebodyNaomi Aki is an iconic performer.

While attending the premiere at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City on Tuesday, the film’s cast and crew The Hollywood Reporter About depicting the highs in Houston’s career, as well as some of the low moments in her professional and personal life.

“It was a big challenge,” Aki revealed, revealing how the film balanced both sides of the late singer’s life. “It was really hard to do, but I think it’s the best way to do it. Telling the truth but protecting someone’s dignity and integrity is really important.

Ashton Sanders, who plays Houston’s husband Bobby Brown, said, “I think the film does a great job of encompassing Whitney Houston’s full life. We see it from the beginning to the tragic end, and I feel like the highs are high and the lows are low, but it’s still so beautiful.

“The point of the film is to show Whitney’s triumphs and failures, trials and tribulations, joy and sorrow,” added Tamara Tunney, who plays Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston. “It is a multidimensional life lived by multidimensional human beings.”

The film was produced by Houston’s former collaborator Clive Davis and his sister-in-law Pat Houston, who worked as the singer’s manager. When asked why she wanted to participate in the biopic, Houston said Davis’ involvement sold her on the project.

“Clive Davis was one of the people in Whitney’s life that she absolutely respected. He would do nothing to embarrass her or bring negativity,” she shared. “He loved Whitney and loved her craft and knew how special she was.”

Meanwhile, Davis promises the film will show viewers a side of Houston they’ve never seen before. “It tells you about her sexuality. It tells you about drug addiction. It tells you how she and I worked together,” he said. THRAdding that it “celebrates the music” they created together.

Throughout the film, viewers watch Davis – portrayed by Stanley Tucci – work with Houston from the beginning of his career. While Davis said he didn’t watch Tucci’s portrayal throughout the filming process, he praised the actor for doing his “homework” to prepare for the role. “I’m proud of his performance. He’s a gifted actor,” Davis said. “I can’t think of anyone else but Stanley.” He is extraordinary. ”

While preparing for the role, Tucci revealed that he and Davis communicated via Zoom and met in person just days before filming began. “He was invaluable,” Tucci said, adding that he relied on the Netflix documentary. Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives And his 2013 book Soundtrack of my life.

Davis praised Aki for her portrayal of Houston, saying she was “proud to testify” to the credibility she brings to the role.

The legendary music producer wasn’t the only person who admired Aki’s performance at the premiere. Tunney called the actress “amazing”, while Lemmons said she “really nailed it” and that the portrayal was so realistic that “it was almost like meeting Whitney”.

Tucci called Akki’s performance “stunning”, adding, “I’ve worked with a lot of actors. She’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

The cast and crew spoke about how Houston’s family’s involvement in the project helped bring her story to life. Lemmons said the filming process was a “wonderful experience” with “people who knew her well and had so many memories they were willing to share.” Acie added that Houston’s family supported her and gave her notes that played an “integral” role in her performance.

“They’re one of the most important groups of people I’ve ever interviewed to find the true story, the untold story,” writer and producer Anthony McCartan explained of the family’s cast. “As a writer, I’m bringing something new to the table, and they were very important in the early years and gave me insight into that period.”

The film was originally called I want to dance with someone Before Houston’s name was added to the front of the title. “We wanted to make sure fans knew it was a Whitney Houston biopic,” explained producer Jeff Calligeri of the name change. “This is the number one Whitney Houston movie. We don’t want any confusion. Everyone knows Whitney’s name. We want them to see her story, so this is a great way for us to make sure people show up.

McCartan added that the name change gave the film a “stronger identity” for Houston. “This movie is nothing if not for our celebration of Whitney, so it’s good to get the name front and center,” he said.

Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody It will hit theaters on December 23.

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