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A Halloween favorite Hocus Pocus Actually hit theaters on July 16, 1993 in the middle of summer.

And the Kenny Ortega-directed film — about three sister witches from the 17th century starring Bette Midler, Cathy Nazimi and Sarah Jessica Parker — was neither critically acclaimed nor a box office blockbuster, airing the annual Halloween on cable TV. He has made the movie appealing to young viewers.

The film begins with the hanging of the Sanderson sisters in 1693 by the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts. But Winifred’s (Midler) spell book casts a curse that resurrects the sisters on the condition that the maiden lights a black-flame candle during a full moon. All Hallows Eve. 300 years after the death of the Sanderson sisters, Thackery Binks, a small boy transformed into a cat, guards the candle from being lit.

In 1993, Los Angeles transplant Max Dennison (Omri Katz) lights a candle in an attempt to impress his crush Allison (Vanessa Shaw). The Sanderson sisters return to Salem, and Max, Allison, Thackery, and Danny (Thora Burch) are on their mission to stop the witches from sucking the lives out of innocent children.

Almost three decades later Hocus Pocus released, the Sanderson sisters have been brought back to life in a 2022 Disney+ sequel Hocus Pocus 2. Midler, Nazimi and Parker all reprise their roles as three young women – Whitney Peake, Belissa Escobedo and Lilia Buckingham – who must figure out how to stop child-hungry witches from wreaking havoc once again.

In honor of the sequel, The Hollywood Reporter Takes a look back at what spooky activities the cast members have been up to since the first film hit theaters.

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