What is a WWE Iron Survivor Challenge match?

WWE There have been many gimmick matches over the years, but what is the Iron Survivor Challenge match?

The Iron Survivor Challenge was a concept introduced to the NXT roster as part of the first-ever NXT Deadline card, with men’s and women’s matches competing to determine the number 1 contender to the NXT and NXT Women’s Championships, respectively.

WWE icon Shawn Michaels The match type was officially revealed on the Tuesday, November 15, 2022 edition of NXT, confirming that it will be coming to the NXT Deadline Premium live event.

Here’s everything you need to know about the WWE Iron Survivor Challenge match, including rules and more.

What are the rules for the WWE Iron Survivor Challenge match?

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As noted, Shawn Michaels confirmed the match rules and they are as follows:

  • Five superstars battle each other and against the clock in this unique 25-minute match.
  • Two Superstars start the match and a new Superstar enters the contest every five minutes until all five are in the ring.
  • The goal is to have more falls/points when the clock finally hits 25 minutes.
  • Falls/points can be won at any time, Superstars are able to get them by pinfall, submission or disqualification.
  • When a superstar scores a fall they score a point.
  • When a superstar misses a fall, that superstar must pay a penalty.
  • Penalties for missing a fall include being ejected from the ring and placed in the penalty box for 90 seconds.
  • After those 90 seconds are over, the superstar is eligible to re-enter the competition
  • When the 25 minutes are up, the Superstar with the most falls is named the Iron Survivor and becomes the number 1 contender to the NXT and NXT Women’s Championships, respectively.

Pro wrestling matches with penalty boxes

Shawn Michaels WWE Deadline Announcement Poster
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There have been many matches in the history of pro wrestling that have involved the penalty box concept.

Most famous in recent times was the King of the Mountain match, which was a staple of Total Nonstop Action/TNA Wrestling.

Competitors in that match type must spend 2 minutes in the penalty box if they take a fall, the wrestler who wins the fall gets the chance to win the match by taking the championship title onto the ladder and securing it, essentially a reverse ladder. adjustment

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