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When you’re looking to spread holiday cheer, it’s best to start with some toasts — the kind that raise a champagne flute. But with wine store shelves overflowing with the stuff this time of year, you have some serious decisions to make. Walton Goggins is here to help. When it comes to sparkling wine, the Fair gemstones The star admits to being an equal-opportunity imbiber who enjoys everything from fine champagnes to affordable proseccos. In fact, he’s more than happy to combine Prosecco with his own Mulholland gin for a French 75 cocktail. “I’m less arrogant and more stubborn,” she says THR. “The average drinker isn’t too fussy, they just want taste. That’s me. Because let’s be real: bubbles are bubbles — unless you’re scuba diving!”

LA Gioosa Prosecco “La Gioosa (‘The Joy’) features aromas of fresh apples, dried earth and chalky accents. Enjoy it with a bowl of steamed clams or a French 75. $19, wine.com

Andriola Prosecco “With elegant floral and fruity structure and a long fine perlage, this Prosecco is a steal for its price. Ideal as an aperitif and lovely throughout a meal, including dessert. $20, garnetwine.com

Gelida Blanc de Blancs Cava “Salty aromas of orange and nectarine finish on a smooth finish with no bite or fuss. Enjoy this exceptional cava now. Cellars will be spoiled!” $23, wine.com

Krug Grand CUVÉE “When I go French — and fancy — it has to be Krug. The 170th edition was built around the 2014 harvest. They call it ‘the most generous expression of Champagne.’ If you’re willing to share it with friends this holiday season, you’re being extremely generous. $286, wallywine.com

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