Vince McMahon sacked legend after his very first match

Shawn Michaels A great one WWE An all-time superstar, fans were quick to rank him as the best, along with many of his colleagues, and placed him on their Mount Rushmore of superstars, holding his place with esteemed company.

However, it wasn’t always the case for the heartbreak kid who, like all the new superstars, had to make a name for himself with the company, trying to fit in with the star studded locker room as the new kid on the block.

Obviously, he tried everything he could to fit in, but crossed a line that got him fired early on. Vince McMahonBut thankfully that decision wasn’t final, we couldn’t imagine a WWE Universe without the Heartbreak Kid.

Shawn Michaels reveals the moment he fired Vince McMahon

Any fan familiar with Shawn Michaels’ career probably knows about the infamous bar fight after their first match, but when questioned he admitted that it was exaggerated, it was much tamer than people thought.

He broke a glass over his head in an attempt to fit in with his fellow, more senior superstars, though it didn’t work and backfired.

The decision they made actually fired Vince McMahon, although thankfully, it wasn’t the final decision, but the decision was delivered to Shawn Michaels in typical fashion by his boss.

Video: Shawn Michaels Reveals The Hilarious Way He Fired Vince McMahon After His First Match

Shawn Michaels sat down recently Logan Paul Speaking on his podcast and the moment he was fired, HBK said: “It’s a bit exaggerated, we went out and you know, you’re doing your best to stay out of trouble, but then I grabbed a glass. Bar, smashed it over my head.

“I’m 22 and you’re trying your best to fit in and you think that’s the way to do it and the next day, it’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s not going to work!’

“I remember going into the office in Stamford, sitting there and I put my cowboy boots on and Vince comes out and he goes, ‘Nice boots’ and I go, ‘Oh thank you sir’, he goes, ‘They’re made for walking’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. ‘ I was like! He goes, ‘I’m just kidding, come in’ and then he fires us.

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