Vince McMahon big decision on shock ‘Forbidden Door’ Royal Rumble entrant

WWE considered having a surprise ‘forbidden door’ entrance to the men’s Royal Rumble match, it was reported in January.

The news followed the announcement that Mickie James, who was the Impact Wrestling Women’s Champion at the time, would be part of the women’s match on the show.

And now, more information has emerged about why non-WWE contracted talent was considered for the men’s match, and why it ultimately didn’t happen.

Who did WWE want in the men’s Royal Rumble match?

As noted, Wrestle Votes WWE reported in January that they were considering a “forbidden door” entry into the men’s Royal Rumble match earlier this year.

Immediately, the fams started speculating that some of the top AEW talent like John Moxley, Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson could be in one of WWE’s biggest matches of 2022.

However, speaking exclusively to GiveMeSport, WrestleVotes has now provided some more information on the matter, confirming that no one from AEW has been considered for the match.

It wasn’t on the table to be someone from AEW. I know that for sure. He agreed to wear the Mickie James Impact title, so the idea I know is ‘If we can do it on women, shouldn’t we do it on men?’

So, at least according to Wrestlevotes, there seems to be a feeling that if WWE is bringing in Mickie for a women’s match, they should look to bring in someone similar for the men’s.

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Why was the forbidden door not included in the men’s match?

So, considering the surprise entrance, why didn’t WWE pull the trigger and make it happen?

He explained that his staff had presented Vince McMahon with a handful of names he believed could be brought in, and that the creative chief at the time didn’t like any of them.

As I understand it, a list of four or five guys was presented, and Vince didn’t like any of them, so it ended.

In fact, WrestleVotes pointed out that it’s possible Vince didn’t know any of the guys he allowed to be a part of the match, which would be another reason to scrap the idea.

Vince doesn’t know every wrestler outside of WWE, so when presented with this list, nothing jumped out at him. I’m not sure they identified four or five or six people who said, ‘We can probably do this.’

The promotion and contract that Mickie James was working with was already sorted so the guys on the list could have been part of the Impact roster.

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Vince McMahon has retired from WWE
Vince McMahon has retired from WWE

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