Update emerges on shock Vince McMahon return

WWE saw some major changes this year, with Vince McMahon shockingly retiring from all of his roles within the company in July.

However, fans have questioned whether or not Vince is completely done with WWE and whether a return to his former duties could be in the cards.

Despite that speculation, a new report from Fightful has confirmed that Vince is completely “done” with WWE and will not be returning.

Will Vince McMahon return to WWE?

As noted, immediately after his retirement from WWE, fans questioned whether or not Vince would return, with some fans believing it was a possibility.

In fact, some fans couldn’t believe Vince had left WWE, believing his “retirement” was nothing more than a PR stunt.

However, it has been confirmed by various reputable sources that Vince’s retirement is legitimate, and Choosing to fight They are now reporting that they will not be returning in the future.

Vince McMahon is “Done, Done” and will not be returning to the roles assumed by Triple H and several others

As for why Vince won’t be back, the report notes that morale within WWE is at an all-time high right now and has been since his retirement three months ago.

Beyond that, another WWE high said morale in WWE over the past few months is the highest they’ve seen in nearly a decade.

So, for those who thought Vince was returning to the WWE, don’t worry, because it looks like his days running the wrestling juggernaut are indeed over.

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Vince McMahon may return to WWE next year

Latest news about Vince McMahon

Although the aforementioned report noted that Vince will not be playing his active roles in WWE, nothing was mentioned about his ability to appear as an on-screen talent.

In fact, it was reported in September that WWE’s new leadership team was considering surprising Vince by inducting him into the Hall of Fame in April 2023.

The report, which you can read by clicking here, explains that WWE wants to acknowledge the incredible job Vince has done in making wrestling today and is considering doing the same next year.

Vince may not be completely done with WWE. Acknowledgment of their contributions remains an active discussion within the creative team. Vince won’t wrestle, but will likely have an invite to WrestleMania.

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