UFC & WWE legend Brock Lesnar’s most brutal punch ever? Terrifying slow-mo footage

Brock Lesnar A great name, be that as it may WWE Or UFCThe Beast Incarnate is a behemoth of a man and a man you wouldn’t dream of messing with!

Although he’s only been in the UFC for a short time, he’s certainly shown signs of his power in the Octagon, with an incredibly dominant performance at UFC 87 in a comeback win over Heath Herring.

It was a major victory for Lesnar at the time, who deserved his place in the sport and was a serious heavyweight contender, although he left the Octagon Sharpish for the more financially lucrative WWE, returning to the professional wrestling industry. .

UFC 87: Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring

It was actually Lesnar’s first win in the UFC, with plenty of talk in the build-up to the fight about his merits, something Herring himself lamented despite being given weaker, lower-quality opposition than he was certainly done for. Eat those words.

It took a decision to hand Lesnar the victory after three full rounds, though he certainly came close to getting the win earlier in the fight.

He landed a lot more significant strikes and was more successful with total strikes in the fight, landing arguably his most brutal strike in his relatively short career with the promotion, which was truly terrifying.

Video: Brock Lesnar’s Most Destructive Strikes in the UFC

You can see the power behind the strike from Lesnar, and it looks even more terrifying in slow motion, it’s amazing how Herring was able to keep following it. Obviously the slow-motion footage shows the brutal nature of the strike, but it’s even more painful.

However, Lesnar is one of two men who can’t fit the XXXXL gloves the UFC offers, one of two competitors who need to have custom gloves made, so when you consider the size of the fist that hits you at that power, it’s really scary.

He has continued to terrorize opponents in WWE, become one of the biggest names in the industry, and continues to evolve his character to ensure that he will always remain at the top end of the list of superstars. But remember, professional wrestlers, what Lesnar can do to you if you get on his wrong side.

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