Triple H’s plan for ‘extremely talented’ star as ‘buried’ rumours emerge

Austin Theory failed to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase last night on WWE Raw, leading to speculation that Triple H had given up on pushing him.

Theory was one of Vince McMahon’s men, the former WWE CEO wanted to push him hard until the end of his time running the company.

Considering that things haven’t been going so well for Vince McMahon since his retirement and he’s now lost Money in the Bank, some fans think Triple H has given up on the theory.

What are WWE’s plans for Austin Theory?

So, as noted, it is the feeling of some fans that Triple H does not want to push the theory in his new landscape of WWE.

Some had speculated that ‘The Game’ might take him off TV after recently explaining the theory “very talented” By Bobby Lashley, Money in the Bank briefcase is not holding.

however, Ringside News The former NXT star has revealed that his fans need not worry, as he has not been removed from TV.

He is not written. He is right in the middle of it.

And not only that, but the report surprisingly notes that Theory feels better now that Vince’s retirement, a sentiment not shared by WWE fans.

We were assured by a writer with first-hand knowledge of the situation, “The theory is better today since Vince retired.” Last night’s episode of WWE RAW may have appeared to be a means to write off Austin’s theory from any storyline, but that wasn’t the case.

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Austin Theory is the WWE Mr. Money in the Bank

How does Triple H feel about Austin’s theory?

Many fans think Theory is suffering now that Triple H is running WWE, but the report seems to prove those fears wrong.

According to this Ringside News, Sources tell him that the theory is actually more off under Triple H than it was under Vince.

Austin Theory was no longer Mr. Money in the Bank, but he was in a difficult position with that briefcase, especially as Roman Reigns reigned supreme over the entire company. Now WWE can put Theory where he needs to be.

So, good news for the former NXT star’s fans, who will see that he won’t be off TV as some fans feared.

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