Triple H has changed his mind on ‘incredible’ Raw act

Triple H wasn’t a huge fan of Judgment Day in the beginning, but has grown to like him since becoming WWE’s main event official.

It was said that ‘The Game’ was initially not sold on the idea after WWE took over Creative, but later grew to like it.

As such, Judgment Day is expected to remain the most featured act on WWE TV for the foreseeable future.

How does Triple H feel about Judgment Day?

Judgment Day is one of the most featured acts on Raw right now and is a testament to the work done by the extremely talented Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominic Mysterio.

Things haven’t always looked good for Judgment Day in WWE, with Triple H initially not liking the idea behind the group, Wrestlevotes exclusively told GiveMeSport.

I know in late July or early August, whenever this whole shift happened, I’m told Hunter wasn’t really cool with Judgment Day. Not personally, but he didn’t like the idea. But I think it’s because he’s grown past it and will be around longer than they expected.

Fans feel the same way, as Judgment Day now feels like one of the more guarded acts in WWE, after months of making little headway in WWE.

The addition of Dominic, who has been doing some of the best work of his career since joining the heel stable at Clash at the Castle in September, seems to be the turning point.

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Dominic Mysterio with Judgment Day

Latest News on Judgment Day

At the time of writing, there is no word on specific plans WWE has for Judgment Day in the coming weeks.

Mia Yim returned to WWE this week on Raw, meaning the OC now has a female member to complete a four-on-four tag match against Judgment Day to seal their feud.

While the specific plans WWE has are unknown, the fact that Triple H appears to be very much on Judgment Day is certainly a good sign for all involved as we head into 2022 and into 2023.

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The Good Brothers are now back in WWE
The Good Brothers are now back in WWE

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Triple H is a former WWE Champion

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