Football’s craziest takeovers that didn’t happen

Acquisition of Roman Abramovich 2003 Chelsea It proved a watershed moment in the west London club’s history. Backed by the Russian billionaire’s vast wealth, the Blues enjoyed a nearly 18-year reign at Stamford Bridge, achieving domestic and European glory on multiple occasions. According to Daily MailHowever, things could have been very different had Abramovich not … Read more

The Hollywood Reporter Los Angeles Power Broker Awards 2022 Winners List – The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s great that you brought us all together!” joked Bond Street Partners realtor James Harris at The Agency. This feeling of gratitude and joyful fellowship was in the air The Hollywood Reporters 2n.d Annual Power Broker Awards, presented by The Society Group and sponsored by ASH Staging and Real Estate Messaging App. Members of Hemat … Read more

Designer Rey Ortiz on RuPaul’s Drag Race to Dressing Lizzo, Kylie Jenner – The Hollywood Reporter

Ray Ortiz was fired early in the Covid pandemic. At the time, she was working at a furniture and appliance store in LA that sold toilets — yes, toilets — during the day while sewing designs at night. Many of those designs are not for any particular person, the result of their sometimes overactive minds. … Read more

How to Watch ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Series ‘Andor’ Online for Free – The Hollywood Reporter

The Star wars The saga continues Andor, a new original series that expands on the universe of the sci-fi franchise. Out today Disney+The series stars Diego Luna as Cassian Ander, a reprise of his role in the prequel, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Already renewed for a second season, the Disney+ show takes place … Read more

Logan Paul still believes he beat Floyd Mayweather in boxing match last year

Logan Paul defeated Floyd Mayweather in their exhibition boxing match last year. The world of combat sports has definitely been turned upside down in the last couple of years and the reason for that is the introduction of YouTube/celebrity boxing. Many, many stars within the field have made the transition to settle their beef, make … Read more

‘Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure’ Actress Was 94 – The Hollywood Reporter

Sarah Shane stars with Gordon Scott Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure And appeared with Clark Gable A king and four queens, passed away. She is 94 years old. Shane died on July 31 in Australia’s Gold Coast, his family said announced. The melodrama also stars Shane alongside Kathleen Hughes and Marla English Three bad sisters (1956) and … Read more

Safehouse Pictures Inks First Look Deal with Amazon – The Hollywood Reporter

Safehouse Pictures, the outfit of screenwriter Joby Harold and producer Tori Tunnell, has signed a first-look deal with Amazon. The three-year deal covers films Safehouse intends to produce. Credits for Safehouse’s features include: Spinning Out, My Blind BrotherAnd King ArthurAs well as upcoming Godzilla and the Titans Series and Sci-Fi Thriller on Apple Atlas For … Read more

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson in a Jagged Rom-Com – The Hollywood Reporter

in nice visit, A peafowl romantic comedy, girl meets boy in a nondescript bar. After some awkward love pleasantries and old-fashioned rounds, they take their conversation to the underlit streets of New York City. Sparks fly. Young people are overwhelmed with lust. They part, promising to see each other soon. The next day, the girl … Read more

Beverly Hills Cop Netflix Sequel Adds Paul Reiser, Judge Reinhold – The Hollywood Reporter

Eddie Murphy is regrouping with a major source Beverly Hills Cop cast members for their long-awaited sequel for Netflix. Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser, and Branson Pinchot are up. Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, reuniting with Eddie Murphy as Officer Axel Foley. Storyline for Beverly Hills Cop 4It has started production, remains under shutdown. … Read more