The Proud Family Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews

The Proud Family Age Rating

I rate Proud Family: The Louder and Prouder Series 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for kids ages 10 to 18.

The Proud Family Parents Guide

A parent’s guide to what’s on this TV show.

  1. Positive role models.
  2. Violence and fear.
  3. romance and n*dity.
  4. Language is not present.
  5. Products and purchases are not current.
  6. No al*ohol, dr*gs and sm*king.

The Proud Family Reviews

Proud Family is a rare gem because it has a black girl as the lead (it’s very hard to find shows with black characters as the lead instead of a side character) and it shows a modern black family with a mother and father. A lot of shows are missing fathers and further playing up the negative stereotype that black men are terrible fathers. Penny is a 14-year-old girl who struggles to get through junior high and faces many challenges such as bullying, sexism, equality, part-time work, and learning right from wrong. Seeing the modern black family loving and supporting each other is what makes Proud Family so appealing. Penny’s parents are very supportive and help her solve her problems. The series celebrates black history and black supremacy through black characters working together and fighting serious issues, as well as traditions and cultural experiences through a diverse cast. This series has positive messages and role models.

Some stereotypes and male characters in the show sometimes make sexist remarks, such as Oscar (Penny’s father) making comments about his wife and making comments about women that are old-fashioned and rude. Gender roles like women cooking and cleaning while men sit on their bums watching TV, but women put their foot down when necessary and call men on their problematic behavior when they lie to get away from their problems. Duties of parents. Insinuations are also present and suggestive language is incoherently uttered or whispered. Overall this series is a breath of fresh air when it comes to representation. Penny is the star of the series and the series centers around a black family instead of a typical white family. I love this show

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