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The Others Age Rating

Rated “PG-12” – Parental Guidance, some scenes may not be suitable for children under 12

The Others Parents Guide

Contains some content generally suitable for persons aged 12 years and above and parents/guardians are strongly advised to watch the film

The Others Reviews

There is so much to say about this movie in one review. First let’s talk about the acting, Nicole Kidman has always been my favorite actress and she was amazing in this movie! Acting, facial expressions, speaking were all flawless! Children, oh! That little girl doesn’t even look like she’s in a movie, her acting is so real! I can’t believe these kids are kids their acting was amazing!
The plot twist probably made the film better! You may find the first hour of the film slow and to the point but the last 20 minutes of the film will leave your mouth open in shock! This is one of the best psychological horror films I have ever seen. Horror on top of its thriller, it will keep you glued to the chair for the entire time and will make you impatient and curious to know what is going on, and I recommend it to everyone even if you are not a fan of horror movies. Love the story and the plot twist at the end was so unexpected and changes the whole movie! And these are those movies that after watching you just watched a masterpiece and want to know more about it.

8/10 just because of acting and plot!

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