The 10 greatest factions ever

With Survivor Series less than three weeks away, the build-up to WarGames will begin on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw.

The premier faction currently in WWE, The Bloodline, will no doubt appear in the men’s match (their dominance continued at Crown Jewel). In previous Survivor Series, the teams were thrown together so their ability as a group was a really welcome change.

Overall, WWE has several powerful factions at the moment – The Judgment Day and OC, Imperium and The Bruising Brutes have all been involved in gang warfare of late. Bobby Lashley has spoken of his desire to reunite The Hurt Business, so another may be added soon.

This got us thinking about some of the historically greatest WWE factions. The Four Horsemen, NWO and other NWA/WCW groups are excluded for this discussion.

Taking this into account, GiveMeSport WWE brings you through the 10 greatest factions in history…

10. The Wyatt Family

Watts was successful in both NXT and the main roster but was not presented as consistently as they could have been. Could a possible “Watt 6” faction replace Bray’s best group and this list?

9. The Undisputed Era

Undisputed era

The biggest faction in NXT history, and by far. At one point he held all of the brand’s male titles. Their success didn’t translate well to AEW due to multiple injuries and booking decisions, but they remain a beloved WWE group.

8. New day

In one of the longest consistent tenures for a group (since July 2014), there was never a hint of dissent in ranks. Most popular, he won 11 tag titles and both Big E and Kofi Kingston were WWE Champions.

7. Heart Foundation

One of wrestling’s most famous families, the Hart Foundation has had several iterations but it’s best since 1997 with WWE Champion Bret, Owen, his nephews Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith, and family friend Brian Pillman.

6. Ministry of Darkness

Ministry of Darkness
Ministry of Darkness

Formed in late 1998 when The Undertaker turned to his dark form alongside Paul Bearer. The duo was joined by the renamed Midian & Viscera, as well as Bradshaw & Farooq and Edge & Christian. Taker won the WWE title and had some of his most shocking scenes, most notably trying to marry Stephanie McMahon at “The Dark Wedding”.

5. Bloodline

It would be rude not to include them given their current dominance – Roman Reigns is the longest reigning World Champion in a generation, with the Usos poised to become the longest tag champs in WWE history. Sami Zayn is just awesome, Paul Heyman at his usual best self and Solo Sikova adds another element to the group. Will they top this list when all is said and done?

4. Corporation

Vince, Shane and The Rock teamed up to form The Corporation at the 1998 Survivor Series, helping The Great One win the WWE Title. The group of villains later included Triple H, Chyna, The Big Show, and others, and briefly teamed up with The Ministry of Darkness.

3. Shield

The Shield debuted in WWE in 2012
The Shield debuted in WWE in 2012

Their 10-year anniversary takes place at Survivor Series, and it’s safe to say it’s one to celebrate. Their initial two-year run saw them defeat some of the best in the business, and all three, Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose/Moxley, now sit atop the wrestling world.

2. Evolution

Slightly ahead of The Shield, Evolution lived up to its name with both Batista and Randy Orton becoming world champions within two years. He ran roughshod over Raw from 2003-2005 and has a total of 50 world titles to his name.

1. D-Generation X

Who again? His influence on WWE has been consistent for over 25 years, until his recent anniversary celebration. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were WWE Champions in the group, the New Age Outlaws were multi-time tag champions, and China revolutionized women’s wrestling. They were bad boys then, they run the company now, and their legacy is eternal.

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