Subtle moment that most WWE fans will have missed

Roman Reigns defeated Logan Paul to retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel tonight.

Despite not winning the match, Logan would walk away with the majority of accolades, mainly because it was his third match.

However, Reigns was all in on making his title clash with Logan one of WWE’s best matches of the year.

What happened to Logan Paul vs. Roman Reigns?

Logan had only had one singles match in WWE before tonight, which is easy to forget considering how amazing he was in the offense.

That made the role of Logan’s adversary, Roman Reigns, even more important in his first main event.

In one of the most incredible spots during the match, Logan hit Roman with a frog splash from the top rope through the announce table, all while holding a phone and recording the footage.

The POV iPhone footage you can see below is incredibly impressive and highlights just how entertainment-focused Logan is.

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Frog Splash by Logan Paul

Logan earns praise for the POV footage, and rightfully so, as the angle that WWE fans watch at the home show proves that Roman played his part perfectly.

As you can see from the footage and tweets below, when Logan gets his hands on Roman, ‘The Tribal Chief’ squeezes the YouTuber’s right arm, which is basically a wrestler’s code for checking his opponent.

Video: Footage of Roman Reigns on Logan Paul during a WWE match

A subtle moment that most fans missed on their first watch was a clear reminder that Roman had such a big role in getting the inexperienced Logan through the match.

In fact, the fact that most fans can’t believe this is only Logan’s third match is as much a testament to Reigns’ work as Paul’s.

Kudos to Reigns for his performance in a match that, in the eyes of many, may have been one of the best he’s had in the entirety of 2022, made even more impressive by Logan’s inexperience.

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Logan Paul has impressed WWE fans
Logan Paul has impressed WWE fans

If you managed to catch the show today, you can watch the event in full, including the one-hour pre-show, right now on demand WWE Network.

You can watch Crown Jewel live in the UK on Monday night’s WWE Raw BT Sports and in the US on the USA Network.

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