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The Thanksgiving box office is off to a decidedly worrisome start, with overall revenues down compared to other years.

For Disney, it’s either feast or famine. Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Hearty remains atop the box office chart for a third weekend in a row with $60 million to $65 million over five days (Wednesday to Sunday), Disney Animations strange world In serious trouble.

Wakanda Forever It led Wednesday with $10 million from 4,174 theaters for a domestic total of $313.7 million.

However, there was no celebration strange world, which posted an opening day total of $4.2 million from 4,174 sites after earning a lukewarm B CinemaScore. At this pace, the family film is looking at a five-day opening of $24 million-$26 million, the worst opening for a Disney animation Thanksgiving title in history (Disney animation titles, such as frozen(usually dominated by holidays.)

previous year, Encanto Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-10 pandemic, it posted a five-day total of $40.6 million after earning $7.8 million on Wednesday. And in 2019, Frozen 2 It grossed a record $125 million over five days.

strange world It opens just days after Bob Iger’s return as Walt Disney Co. CEO following the shock ouster of Bob Chapek.

Other new films are vying for their place at the Thanksgiving table. Wednesday, Sony’s Korean War drama Bhakti, about two naval fighter pilots, earned $1.8 million from 3,228 sites for a projected 5-day total in the $10 million range. Movie stars Top Gun: MaverickAdam Powell and Jonathan Majors.

The biggest mystery is Rian Johnson Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, featuring a cast led by Daniel Craig. Netflix is ​​not expected to report box office earnings in line with its long-standing practice.

Glass onion is getting an unprecedented release and is the first of the streamer’s titles to play across all three of the country’s biggest chains – AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark Theatres. Rivals’ distribution executives have a way of collecting data directly from display contacts, two sources said The Hollywood Reporter Johnson’s sequel earned $1.9 million from 680 theaters on Wednesday. That means it could open to $9 million or more in the five-day holiday corridor, less than the $41.4 million Johnson earned. Knives out on Thanksgiving 2019 (The first film received a traditional theatrical release from Lionsgate.)

Searchlight’s epicurean horror-comedy menuHeading into its second weekend, it ranked No. 4 for a five-day haul of $6 million or more with about $1.1 million from 3,228 locations on Wednesday.

A contender for Luca Guadagnino’s awards Bones and all – Two young lovers and cannibals, starring Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet, who embark on a road trip, grossed an estimated $921,000 million on Wednesday as it expanded to a total of 2,727 theaters after its release in select theaters last weekend. The feature film is expecting a muted five-day gross of $4 million.

Semi-autobiography of Steven Spielberg The FablemansA major awards player, the Oscar-winning film is emerging more slowly in hopes of emulating its success The Green Book. Spielberg’s latest film expanded to 637 locations on Wednesday in New York and Los Angeles over the Nov. 11-13 weekend. From Universal and Amblin, the film grossed an estimated $400,000 Wednesday for a projected five-day total of $3 million.

holding Black Adam is in the mix with an expected five-day gross of $4 million or more from 2,842 theaters.

Studios stress that projections are subject to change as the holiday season unfolds. Some analysts are already suggesting that Thanksgiving box office traffic is taking a hit because people are finally able to travel in earnest now that the pandemic is over.

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