Stone Cold Steve Austin’s incredible WrestleMania 38 performance

There is a huge rumor that Stone Cold Steve Austin Will compete at WrestleMania 39, and if his performance at the last “Showcase of the Immortals” is anything to go by, WWE Fans are happy.

Austin did not wrestle for 19 years after being forced into early retirement due to persistent neck problems. His final match came against his greatest rival, The Rock, at WrestleMania 19, his third match on WWE’s grandest stage.

Despite huge clamors for a comeback against Texas Rattlesnake CM Punk and his ilk. John Cena, he was medically unable to ever return to the class circle. Outside of the obligatory annual stunners in special episodes of Raw and the like.

The return of Stone Cold has never been possible

Austin brilliantly and shockingly stood up this year to face Kevin Owens in the main event of Night One of WrestleMania 38. The premise of the appearance was that he was a guest on the KO show, but it was widely expected that there would be some sort of match and certainly some physicality.

With the show in Texas and Owens running stateside for weeks in advance, it’s only right that his favorite son stands up and ditches the mud hole in Canada’s loudmouth.

Austin and Owens had a memorable match for which both deserve major credit

Austin did more than that, competing in a full-scale no-holds-barred match with more physicality and bumps than anyone expected. He lived up to his reputation as one of WWE’s greatest fighters, engaging in a slugfest with KO that took both men across AT&T Stadium.

Stone Cold Kevin Owens

Credit must be given to KO, who ran the feud mostly in the build-up and then proved to be the perfect opponent for Stone Cold’s return match. Owens grew up as an idol in Austin, so this could be the greatest night of his illustrious career.

Check out the clip below for full highlights of his encounter with Owens, and poor old Byron Saxton was given a stunner.

Video: Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Incredible WrestleMania 38 Performance vs. Kevin Owens

What’s in store for Stone Cold at WrestleMania 39?

As mentioned, the bionic redneck will likely compete in a match again at WrestleMania 39, with Triple H reportedly reaching out to him. It’s unknown who Austin might face, but we’ve compiled a list Potential opponents For a WWE legend.

A wrestler lucky enough to be selected is sure to appear in one of the marquee matches on the show and compete in a match that was not possible just a year ago.

If recent workout videos are anything to go by, Austin looks in incredible shape and ready to go once again at WWE’s biggest and best WrestleMania in years.

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