Stone Cold Steve Austin and the cowboy hat gifts was absolutely hilarious

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s heel turn in 2001 was a huge mistake in retrospect but it led to some of the best WWE comedy segments, especially Kurt Angle, Vince McMahon and a set of cowboy hats.

Austin, McMahon and Angle became a short-lived trio in the Invasion storyline

After the shocking events of WrestleMania 17, Austin and McMahon teamed up and were initially joined by Triple H. Following his chronic knee injury and the start of the WCW/ECW invasion storyline, Angle joined forces in an attempt to rescue the two. WWE.

On this particular segment of the July 5th 2001 edition of SmackDown, Stone Cold entered the office of a downbeat Vince McMahon, followed by his then-wife Debra and the present three boxes.

McMahon was humiliated by Torrie Wilson, who debuted opposite his wife Linda that week on Raw. Debra got what she deserved but Austin, now a McMahon loyalist and fan, disagreed and said he brought a gift from Texas to cheer him up.

Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin cheered McMahon up with a very Texan gift and got something for Angle.

In a gift-giving mood, Austin said he got himself a gift. The two men opened at the same time, finding matching Texan cowboy hats, instantly lifting the mood of the WWE President if not Debra.

Angle then entered and with his usual comedic timing asked Stone Cold and Vince if they noticed they were wearing the same cowboy hats.

His mood soured when he realized that he was the only one of the three who didn’t receive a gift from Rattlesnake, to which Austin laughed at the Olympic champion, saying that everyone thinks he’s a tough guy but he’s got something. , and then called him a little rascal like a child.

Stone Cold told Angle that he was a friend, and that he liked him but not too much and encouraged him to open his gift, which he did when Vince asked Stone Cold how to wear a hat.

The segment showcased the comedy brilliance of the three men

Angle came back on screen, asking the two men what it looked like, revealing himself in a child’s cowboy hat with a string to boot. He felt like a real cowboy and said “yippee ki-yay”. John McClane in Die Hard it wasn’t.

The segment again showcased the comedic brilliance of all the men involved, but mostly Stone Cold and Angle, who can transition from any nonsensical brawl to self-deprecating jokers in an instant and lose some credibility.

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