Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T’s supermarket brawl remains utterly iconic

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T may not have had a match to speak of in their 2001 feud but their supermarket brawl is one of the funniest segments in WWE history.

What caused Stone Cold and Booker T Supermarket to fight?

The Green Frog Grocery Store’s path began at Vengeance when Booker T lost Stone Cold in a controversial WWE Championship match against Chris Jericho. Booker was previously a member of the WCW/ECW Alliance with Stone Cold until losing at Survivor Series.

In the storyline, Booker helped Vince McMahon take the title away from the Rattlesnake in order to gain employment with WWE. McMahon also screwed The Rock the night before, but without the help of the 5-time WCW Champion.

The next night on Raw, co-owner (at the time) Ric Flair booked a rematch between Austin and Jericho, this time in a steel cage to “ensure” no interference. Austin announced that he would seek revenge on Booker T after winning the title.

His lust for revenge was fueled when Booker lost him again, this time slamming the cage door into his skull as he prepared to exit for victory.

That week on SmackDown, McMahon enlisted the help of a private security team to keep him and Booker safe from Austin but the Rattlesnake was one step ahead.

Stone Cold appears in the role of a firefighter

Stone Cold took an unconventional route to get his hands on Booker T

Several firefighters arrived at the door of McMahon’s private “Sky Box” suite in the arena after the shambles. Stone Cold infiltrated the ranks and exposed himself to two of his enemies, targeting Booker T.

The two brawled from the box into the crowd and Booker escaped in a limo and went backstage, much to his relief.

Austin followed in hot pursuit in his truck, having no idea where Booker was. Booker called McMahon and told him he was at the Green Frog grocery store (for some reason to get a latte), but Austin spotted him outside driving his limo.

McMahon received a call from the Rattlesnake informing him of this information, and the WWE co-owner panicked and called Booker but was unable to reach him.

What happened in the supermarket brawl?

What happened next was complete comedy madness and only “sense” in the world of professional wrestling.

Booker is alerted to Austin’s presence by the Rattlesnakes announcement of a canister of whoop-ass in hallway two. From behind, he attacked another bald man who he believed to be a rattlesnake.

Standing there stunned, he then heard a beer can crack behind him and realized it was Stone Cold, then hit Booker T in the bakery, fruit and veg and florist sections of the store.

Booker was then covered in ketchup and baking soda before Stone Cold hilariously challenged his inner Dean Martin by singing “That’s Amore” by raining down shots with a pizza base. Obviously.

In a largely one-sided assault, Booker T briefly prevailed, or so he thought, when he countered Austin with a superkick and locked him in a fridge in the back of the store.

Gathering his bearings, he didn’t notice Austin ducking out of the milk fridge door and drenching himself in milk before hitting him with the milk bottle.

Milk rises stone cold from the fridge

From here, Austin wheeled Booker into a shopping cart to check out, asked him to “check out Jackass’s price,” hit him with a few more punches, and then bailed to the sound of police sirens.

The Green Frog grocery store brawl was followed by similar gatherings at the bingo hall and church – in a sense three levels of hell matched. Strangely, a pay-per-view match was never booked as the two moved on to different things.

What did Booker T say about the iconic division?

Last year, Booker T discussed the iconic segment, which was largely improvised (both he and Austin are famous for) and said it was “one take and we created some magic.”

Damage to the store was somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000, according to the two-time Hall of Famer, so the segment was shot entirely in one take, a blessing.

The cost may be high but for most fans this segment is priceless in terms of entertainment and comedy.

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