Sasha Banks impressive training video emerges amid WWE return rumours

Sasha Banks May have gone away WWE Back in May but that didn’t stop him from fine-tuning his performances inside the ring.

Recently, there has been talk among the fans about whether The Boss will come back on screen.

After being spotted training with wrestling legend Juventud Guerrera in Mexico, the return rumors were fueled and it seems he has learned a sharp new finishing move.

Sasha Banks is back in training

The news that Banks is back in training is certainly exciting and his latest clip shows that he has seriously upped his game.

Guerrera, who goes by the ring name The Juice, has been teaching Banks his move ‘Juicycopter’ and it has made for some impressive visuals.

“@MercedesVarnado is juicy right now,” she wrote alongside some pictures and a short clip of the two in training. “Stay tuned, she’s on fire.”

In the video, Banks flies up and grabs Guerrera around the chest before going for an epic head-scissors takedown.

VIDEO: Sasha Banks lands an incredible finisher in training

Fans were stunned by Banks’ move and the superstar himself was surprised at how well it turned out.

“Sasha Banks somehow found a way to be sharp…the locker room should be very scared,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“The girls are shaking as we speak,” said another.

Is Sasha Banks returning to WWE?

Even though many believe Banks has been released by WWE or her contract has expired, a new report has revealed that she is still under contract with the company.

According to Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer NewsletterThe two parties are engaged in negotiations on a new agreement Wrestling Talk. However, there is no confirmation on whether Banks will return to WWE as “negotiations are said to be stalling.”

Sasha Banks is rumored to return to WWE
Sasha Banks is rumored to return to WWE

Since Triple H took over after Vince McMahon’s retirement, rumors have swirled as to whether The Boss would be reintroduced.

As it stands, rumors remain rumors and nothing can be said for sure about Banks’ future in wrestling. Nonetheless, she’s as impressive as ever on the mat, and she’s poised for potential gains.

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