Sami Zayn breaks the final member of The Bloodline in hilarious fashion

Sami Zain Making lots of headlines at WWE As for several things in recent months, most recently he and The Bloodline headlined a pay-per-view event for their involvement in a WarGames match over the weekend.

He triumphed over his challengers, proving once again how powerful the bloodline was, and even though he was not involved, ensured his hero, Roman DominionAvoids defeat.

However, after the Wargames victory, we saw a big moment for Sami Zayn, who was never accepted as a true member of the group by Jey Uso. Things are changing with the pair getting a huge pop from the crowd as they share a big hug after their win.

Sami Zayn is making people break character

In recent months we’ve seen Sami Zayn break Roman Reigns’ role, which is no easy feat, and as the weeks go by, his list of victims, at the hands of the latest figures, continues to break the role. Jokester Solo Sikova.

Sami Zayn walks up to Solo Sikova and says: “Right here, this man right here, that’s my dog. That’s my use.” The day after his successful match at WarGames, he was hyped up and cheered by fans who loved the speech.

So did Solo Sikova, although he couldn’t show it, he used a towel around his head to wipe his sweat, covering his face as well, meaning no one could easily tell he was laughing with Sami Zayn. Striking again.

Video: Sami Zayn Plays Solo Sikova Break

It’s been a good run from Solo Sikova, who has held it together while Sami Zain has been speaking in recent weeks, but like the best of us, she eventually succumbed to the pressure and her character broke.

At this point, you think Sami has a shot at getting Zayn Undertaker To break a character given how many victims they’re getting, we can’t even think of breaking on screen!

But along with Solo Sikova, it recognizes each member of The Bloodline to break the character of Sami Zayn, who is quickly establishing himself as one, if not the most entertaining superstar on our screens every week.

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