Roman Reigns predicted WWE Superstar’s downfall after Vince McMahon exit

Roman Dominion is the main face of WWE At this point, many Superstars have failed to dethrone the Universal Champion in the past couple of years, practically going three years without a loss.

One man who seemed to be on his way to challenging the Tribal Chiefs was Austin Theory, a Money in the Bank winner who could cash it in for a title shot at any time, which he did last night. Seth RollinsBut then failed to get the US title Bobby Lashley Interrupted.

However, after departure Vince McMahonAustin Theory was nowhere near the forefront of the company, a clear indication of their rapid decline over the past four months. Triple H Currently he is not seen as the main figure of the brand.

Roman rule predicted the decline of Austin’s doctrine

Tribal Chiefs were delivering a promo segment with Austin Theory in the ring with him, going to slam the Money in the Bank winner to make sure they knew he was clear and that the potential challenger couldn’t compete.

Obviously, given the Money in the Bank victory and a change in creative leadership, Roman Reigns was quick to assert his dominance over the roster, wasting no time in doing so, and he still looks as formidable today as he has over the years.

Basically, he predicted the fall of Austin Theory, the superstar not being the same since the promo four months ago, fans admitting that.

Video: It’s been downhill for Austin Theory since it happened

What Roman Reigns Said About Austin’s Doctrine

After crashing a promo, Austin Theory taunted Roman Reigns about a future title win with a Money in the Bank contract, calling The Tribal Chief to the ring.

He went on to slam Austin’s theory: “You have no idea what you’re doing with that briefcase right now. Actually, I think he needs a smart guy, someone to give you advice. Look here, I’ll be that guy tonight.

“Here are some words of wisdom, a theory for you, I want you to start looking around, I want you to analyze the situation here, do you understand? You are father [Vince McMahon] No more here, this is my ring, and you asked them, father is gone.

Video: Roman Reigns Tears Down Austin Theory – Full Promo

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