Rhea Ripley’s absolutely bonkers body transformation

Rhea Ripley One of the hottest properties at WWE Now, constantly making headlines with the constant development of his character, The Eradicator is truly a box office hit on our screens this time.

Credit must go to her for being so important to the show despite being sidelined for so long after suffering a brutal brain injury earlier in the year. Most were too time-consuming and of little importance to the business, but the same could not be said for Rhea Ripley.

She is central to the Mysterio family drama, turning Dominic Mysterio heel, transforming him from obscurity to always on our screens, none of which would have been possible without Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley’s five-year transformation

Since signing to WWE in 2017, Rhea Ripley has transformed her character, look and physique, turning her original look on its head and becoming one of the most recognizable superstars WWE has to offer, her hard work clearly paying off.

A strong character who strikes fear into those who face the fearless eliminator, her gym work has seriously helped her achieve this, no one wants to mess with her, fictional or real, she’s looking incredibly strong in her latest gym selfies.

Whether she doesn’t wrestle as consistently as we’d like or her weird injury we’re lucky enough to see her on screen regularly, making cameo appearances where possible, the hard work has really gone in the gym.

Image: Rhea Ripley in 2017

Rhea Ripley’s transformation since 2017 has been incredible

It’s safe to say that Rhea Ripley is unrecognizable to her 2017 self now, thanks to The Eradicator, it took some serious dedication to get into such pristine physical condition.

As mentioned earlier, when you now consider the original look, which shows how amazing she is in developing her character, she definitely has a big future ahead of her in the business, the sky is truly the limit for Rhea Ripley.

She shared pictures of herself on Twitter after completing a gym session, which you can imagine is more strenuous than most people live through!

Images: 2022 adaptation of Rhea Ripley’s Madness

What is the future for The Eradicator? Surely she will earn a title shot next year and no one can begrudge her, what a credit she is to the company.

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