Poland’s Camerimage Fest Organizers React to Global Attention Over Missile Strike – The Hollywood Reporter

Poland’s EnergaCamerimage film festival takes place this week against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. The host city is Torun, roughly 340 miles from the Polish village of Przewodow near the Ukrainian border, where the missile landed on Tuesday, although the incident did not disrupt festive events.

“We are closely following all news related to yesterday’s incident on the Polish-Ukrainian border,” event organizers said in a statement. The Hollywood Reporter. “The festival is not indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine, and you can see that in the program of this year’s edition of EnergaCamerimage. Based on what we know so far about the incident, we have no reason to think that it will endanger our guests in any way. And this is the most important thing for us right now.”

This week, Camerimage is supporting two war-displaced Ukraine-based film festivals: OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival and Kinoko Film Festival.

Additionally, a short film featuring a filmmaker who joined the Ukrainian military was screened at Saturday’s opening ceremony and around the festival.

EnergaCamerimage runs until November 19.

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