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While working Jackie BrownPam Grier admitted that her performance left her “exhausted”.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment For Jackie Brown’On her 25th anniversary, Grier reflected on her role in the 1997 film, in which she portrayed a flight attendant caught smuggling for LA crime kingpin Ardell Robbie (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson), and explained how she had a big problem during filming.

“Quentin told me it was Sam[uel L. Jackson] It has a metronome-like quality that’s really fast, but I have to slow down for Robert [Forster],” she said. “They warned me that not all actors can do it, so I had to learn.”

In the film, Grier’s character executes a plan to escape with the smuggled money, going up against Jackson’s Ardell and enlisting the help of bail bondsman Max Cherry (the late Forster).

“Quentin told me to slow down to avoid revealing that I was planning a plan,” Grier said. “Max knows people inside and out, and knows when they’re deceiving him – he can smell me if I’m lying. But I need him too, so it’s not cut and dry. That’s why you’re exhausted when you work with Quentin Tarantino and his characters!

When Grier learned that Tarantino had created the film’s lead role with the actress in mind, Grier admitted that she felt “troubled” because she knew she had to “work really hard”. Dismissal

After reading Jackie Brown A first-time script, it was an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s crime thriller rum punch, Grier explained that there is a misunderstanding about who reaches out about the project.

“He was waiting for me to call him, and I was waiting for him to call me,” she recalled of Tarantino. “He was worried and said [producer] Lawrence Bender, ‘What if she doesn’t like it? We have no one else!’ He was worried and rightly so.

A few weeks later, Grier realized the reason Tarantino hadn’t contacted her was because he had actually left a note to call her: “I read the note he wrote on the back of the script and I realized I called. He was weeks ago! I thought he might have recast the character, but I called him and said, ‘I love the script. What character am I?’ And he said, ‘You’re Jackie Brown.'” The director knew so much about her personally that she “brought a lot to that script for me,” Grier said.

Jackie Brown The film marked Grier’s first major lead role at the time after starring in blaxploitation films in the ’70s. cunning brown And Coffee. Forster was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, while both Grier and Jackson were also nominated for Golden Globes.

Amid the film’s 25th anniversary on December 25, Grier described working on the film as a “master class in filmmaking” and rekindled his interest in directing. “Quentin shared with me a lot that I was going to apply for my own job,” said Grier, who also shared that he had completed a script for a World War II movie.

During an interview with Bill Maher Club Random PodcastTarantino also reflected on the film and shared a time when the film’s financiers questioned the director Jackie Brown The casting decision, he asked if he wanted to cast “big stars” instead.

“And I go, ‘Well, we made $30 million dollars with a movie starring Pam Grier and Robert Forster. I thought that was really good,'” Tarantino recalled. “However, his point is, he goes, ‘That’s you’ — well, great! I can do a movie with them and it’s good because I did it? That’s what makes it famous.”

When asked by Maher in 1997 which “stars of the day” he was, Tarantino listed Angela Bassett and Robert De Niro (De Niro eventually played Luis Gaara’s supporting role).

needs an antecedent Jackie Brown If it ever materializes, Grier said the casting choice is ultimately up to the director, who wants someone who embodies the “blueprint” of the role. However, he becomes involved in the character’s decisions in his 2010 autobiography, Foxy: My Life in Three ActsCould be adapted into a film or television series: “There will be little Pams, middle-aged Pams, and Pams who meet Quentin.”

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