Oyin Oladejo Nabs Lead in ‘Orah’ Refugee Revenge Drama  – The Hollywood Reporter

Star Trek: Discovery Actress Oyin Oladejo is starring in an indie feature Ora, From director Lonzo Nzekwe and fellow Nigerian-Canadian creative talent.

Oladejo plays the titular character Orah Dokubo, who kills a man in Nigeria at the age of 15 before fleeing Africa with her child. Seventeen years later, Orah is an illegal immigrant in Canada and the lawyer’s taxi driver and his high-profile Nigerian client, Bami Hazar, are both involved in international money laundering.

After Hazar orders the murder of Ora’s son, she sets out to take revenge to bring Hazar to justice and when all legal options fail, she has to resort to violence to settle the score.

Oladejo is a Toronto-based actress originally from Nigeria who plays the role of Lieutenant Junior Grade Joan Owosekun. Star Trek: Discovery and starred in the Hulu movie Endlings. Written and directed by Nzekwe OrahIt has completed two weeks of production in Sudbury, Ontario, with the second unit shooting in Nigeria in early December.

The ensemble cast includes Agape Mgomezulu, Lucky Onekachi Ejim, Morgan Bedard, Somkele Iyama-Idalama, Oresiri Erhuro, Okechukwu Chukwundi Ukeje, Femi Lawson and Christopher Seawright.

Producer credits are shared by Nzekwe, Floyd Kane (Digstown) and Amos Adetui (The Boathouse)

Orah A film I have been developing for the past 11 years. I am very grateful to finally begin filming with the talented cast and crew we have assembled and honored to be able to shoot part of the film in Nigeria playing such an important role,” Nzekwe said in a statement.

Producers Kane and Adetui boarded Orah project five years ago, and finally got Indy in front of the cameras with financing from Telefilm Canada and Ontario Creates. “I’m grateful that Lonzo wants to work with us Orah. It is great to bring a story that reflects my Nigerian heritage to the screen,” Adetui added in his statement.

Orah Produced by Circle Blue Entertainment, Freddy Films and Ironflix Inc., it focuses on film from Africa and the African diaspora.

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