Oscar-Winning Singer and Actress Was 63 – The Hollywood Reporter

Irene Cara is an actress and pop star who won an Oscar and a Grammy for her hit “What a Feeling.” Flashdance And she created her own memorable screen moments with such films lightning And reputation, has died, according to her rep. She is 63 years old.

Cara died at her Florida home, according to Judith Moore, who posted the obituary on Twitter Friday night. Moore said The Hollywood Reporter The cause of death Saturday has not yet been determined.

Cara was an extraordinary performer who was able to achieve chart-topping pop success while also excelling as an actress. She won her Oscar for the 1983 hit “What a Feeling” and sang the title song for the seminal 1980 film. reputation.

She also acted reputation, a musical drama that chronicled the struggles of high school students at a performing arts school. One of his best roles was in the 1976 film lightningAbout three singing sisters whose family ties are torn apart as they chase fame.

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