Oddmar+ Age Ratingb, Parents Guide, Reviews

Oddmar+ Age Ratingb, Parents Guide, Reviews: ODDMAR+ is almost identical to its 2018 predecessor but has no ads or in-app purchases (and is now playable not only on iPhone and iPad, but also on Apple TV and Mac).

Oddmar+ Age Rating

Oddmar+ Age Rating is 8+ age

Oddmar+ Reviews

In the single-player game, you play as Odmar, a young Viking who finds himself navigating strange worlds in an attempt to find his parents, never returning home for a single day. This platformer has you running, jumping, climbing and more through enemy and trap levels.

The game consists of 24 levels, each with a different theme, physics-based puzzles, and unique enemies (and bosses). Besides collecting various triangular and circular coins, you can get better weapons and shields.

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