Natalya’s hand size compared to Andre the Giant’s is outrageous

Through the years in history wrestlingSome ridiculously large individuals have been found.

The trio of the 2000s comes to mind in the form of World’s Strongest Man Mark HenryPunjabi playboy Great Khali and the biggest man on earth The Big Show.

Big Show once threw himself and Mark Henry off the top rope at Vengeance 2011, subsequently causing the ring to collapse. We all remember the same thing with him and Brock Lesnartoo much

On the subject of The Big Show, when he first entered the industry, he was billed as the son of Andre the Giant. Weighing 520 pounds and standing at seven feet four inches tall, Andre is the original big man of the wrestling world.

A heart attack sadly took the Frenchman’s life prematurely in 1993 aged just 46, but not before he dominated. WWF Because of his size. His nickname as the Eighth Wonder of the World tells you all you need to know.

Andre is a figure etched in the history of the industry and that includes WWE headquarters. A notable feature is the interactive handprint of Andre the Giant displayed in Stamford, Connecticut.

Andre is a giant hand size

NataliaDaughter of Jim Neidart and niece of Brett and Owen Hart, Andre showed the world the full extent of the giant’s hand in 2014.

The Canadian posted a photo of her to social media that showed her hand on the WWE Hall of Famer.

It goes without saying that Natalia’s hand pales in comparison – the difference is truly staggering.

Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar is another physical specimen who has made a name for himself in the history of combat sports, especially in WWE and The. UFC.

Lesnar himself compared his hand to that of Andre the Giant, and his hand was also dwarfed.

WWE: Natalya’s hand size is outrageous compared to Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant’s acting credits include a bevy of roles, including Bigfoot, Monster, and Circus Giant. Everything about him is so big and majestic.

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