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Like many teenage girls, Lana wore a condor LongchampA Le Plaize bag in high school — “Down to ruin,” she said with a laugh.

“I was very devoted to that bag,” she continued. “I’ve worn it forever and ever. The inside lining says, ‘Leave it alone!’

It was also her riding bag.

“I had a horse called Carat, but with that K for carat gold – because, fashion,” she laughed. She started horse riding at 6 o’clock. “I also had a horse called Joe,” she later revealed. “But Joe was mean. Joe was a bully. We don’t talk about Joe.

The 25-year-old actress rose to fame as Laura Jean Covey in the Netflix rom-com film series to All boys – After making his debut X-Men: Apocalypse – was the special guest of the night at a dinner hosted by French House Los Angeles On December 8. “Rendez-vous au Somet” was a theme inspired by the snowy Alps.

The evening was held to celebrate Longchamp’s newest bag: the box-trot. A box shape that comes in various shades and two sizes, it features a gold-tone metal medallion on the folding snap – the signature horse and rider logo.

“I did exercise some Lana against your urges,” she said of choosing a style, opting for a mini in green. “I’ve always been a big bag girl. I’m the kind of person who wants to know I have all my stuff in a bag, period. And I don’t have mini bags mainly because I’m like, ‘Well I can’t fit my books in there. I can’t set up my iPad. I can’t fit my bulky charger.’ But I said, ‘Lana this mini is so cute.’ And alarmingly, you can be very flexible in it. I have a camera – “

“Guys, do you want Madeleine?” A waiter interrupted, presenting his silver plate. Even the butter cake was mini.

“No, I’m fine, thanks,” the condor responded before turning back. “It looks like a pizza pocket,” she said. “If it’s a pizza pocket, I’ll take it.”

Lana Condor carrying Longchamp’s box-trot bag.

Courtesy of Longchamp/Owen Kolasinski/bfa.com

She grabbed the purse and said, “If you’re looking for a mini bag, but you’re a big bag girl, this is it. I was amazed. I have a camera, my car holder, charger, hand sanitizer, my keys. And I think I could put my phone down if I wanted to. So, it’s kind of the perfect size if you’re trying to be cute and mini but practical.

Condor was dressed head-to-toe by Longchamp, including a black leather jacket with a white sweater, pants and boots.

“This jacket, my fiance also tried it on, so we’re going to share it,” she said of actor Anthony De La Torre. Engaged this year, the two live in Seattle, Washington. “It’s great, but I’m like, it’s mine.”

“Mine!” She gave a cheeky smile before shouting playfully.

When asked about her latest work, she rambled A brave one Directed by Steve Burnett with Chase Stokes. The film is set in North Korea. “It’s not For all the boys, I tell you. This is not a rom-com.

He said the experience was physically demanding. “It’s probably the most powerful thing I’ve ever done.”

She is choosing projects that “make her happy.” “And the same with brands. I’m at this point in my life where I only want to work with people who share the same values ​​I do and who make me happy. That’s one of the reasons I’m here tonight. I feel very honored.”

Held at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills, the dinner – prepared by Parisian chef Yann Nouri – was attended by several young women, including actresses Alia Chanelle Scott, Larsen Thompson, Hannah Zeil and content creators Amanda Steele, Anna Sitar, Emma Brooks, Ellie Zeiler. All entered with a box-trot.

“Most of our relationships are very organic,” Paul Lorraine, said Chief Executive Officer and President of Longchamp North America. He coordinated the event with the brand’s managing director Olivier Miller-Cassegrain, grandson of Longchamp founder Jean Cassegrain. (It was in 1948 that the businessman started a company called Paris Racecourse as a producer of tobacco pipe wrappers before creating leather goods.)

Paul Lorraine, Lana Condor, Olivier Miller-Cassegrain - Longchamp Dinner - Los Angeles

Paul Lorraine, Lana Condor, Olivier Miller-Cassegrain

Courtesy of Longchamp/Owen Kolasinski/bfa.com

“We’re not really going to chase or target people.” Lorraine said. “This is the magic of Longchamp. They have been doing it for so long. And relationships, partnerships are long lasting. As you can see tonight, it’s a real appreciation… Our challenge in the media perspective has been that we’ve been very humble. We don’t shout about the brand, because that’s not our nature. We let our products speak for themselves.

The company is looking to expand in the region, he said: “We have a big business on the East Coast and we want more on the West Coast. It’s always been an area where we’ve had good support, good engagement and we want to do more here.

What’s in the works for next year?

“We’re growing more of our discount businesses,” Lorraine said. “That’s going to be a big role for us. Our product assortment is expanding on families, editing our selection but adding more color. We had a great `22. We had a really good `21. `23, I’m already mentally in Q3. It’s looking exciting for us. We have good momentum.”

This story originally took place WWD.

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