Latest news on severity of Kevin Owens’ poorly-timed knee injury

Kevin Owens suffered a sprained MCL at a WWE live event, giving Triple H a pretty big headache ahead of Survivor Series.

In a non-televised match on Sunday with Austin Theory, Owens hurt his knee, with reports of the incident surfacing online shortly after.

With Owens expected to be the final addition to the Men’s WarGames match, fans feared that Triple H might be forced to make major creative changes.

Kevin Owens injury update

As noted, Owens hurt his knee during Sunday night’s match, but fans speculated how severe his knock was.

An update on Owens’ condition has now surfaced, courtesy of Wrestling SpectatorAdditionally, the former Universal Champion is reported to have a sprained MCL in his right knee.

We confirmed that the injury was an MCL sprain. That being said, hopefully with the idea that all the damage might be more than that.

However, as the update notes, as you can see above, there are concerns that the injury could be more severe. at least An MCL sprain.

Not much information has been provided on the matter, so fans are left with more questions than answers regarding KO’s status.

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Kevin Owens is doing an amazing job in WWE right now

How long will Kevin Owens be out of action?

How long Owens will be out of action, you can expect, will depend on the severity of his MCL sprain.

The normal recovery time for an MCL sprain varies between four and 12 weeks, so it really depends on how badly Owens was hit.

However, with Survivor Series: Wargames just two weeks away, Owens’ injury is likely to keep him out of the show.

WWE fans are hoping Owens suffered a grade one sprain, because if that’s the case, the recovery will only take ten days, meaning he could make the big pay-per-view on November 26.

GiveMeSport, of course, will keep you updated with all the latest news on KO’s status in WWE and his potential return from injury.

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Triple H announced the WWE Survivor Series Wargames for November
Triple H announced the WWE Survivor Series Wargames for November

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