Lacey Evans absolutely ruined AEW star during his 2018 tryout

Sammy Guevara was one of the so-called “pillars” of AEW but once he tried WWEIt didn’t quite go to plan.

Before joining AEW in 2019, when the wrestling company was formed, Guevara had extensive experience in the industry, working with the likes of NWA, AAA, Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling.

However, like most professional wrestlers, the dream was the WWE. In 2018 in particular, another major promotional idea in the US was Kenny Omega’s dream, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

After several years in the industry, Guevara tried out for WWE

As such, young Sammy attended the WWE Performance Center along with many other aspiring wrestlers to try and secure a contract with the company. These try outs usually involve showing off a range of different skills, from in-ring athleticism to promo and mic ability.

He shared the clip on Twitter @SUPERZOMGBBQ On Twitter, a short clip of Guevara’s attempt was shown with a remarkable interaction between him and him Lacey EvansIt’s a bit awkward to say the least.

VIDEO: Lacey Evans destroys Sammy Guevara during the 2018 WWE Trials

In the clip, trialists are showing off their ability to roll in the squared circle, a key part of both match conversions and sales. Guevara says his name and his number, 35, which tells you a lot about how many people come to these efforts.

Evans, in her role as a WWE Superstar and former recruit, yells that she can’t hear him, the first sign of tension building.

Sami goes again, yelling his name and number and adding “baby” at the end before rolling across the ring. It wasn’t quite the peak Adam Cole and it didn’t go down well.

The camera cuts to Evans, whose real name is Macy Estrella, where she cuts Sammy off in a brutally casual manner, telling him she’s not his kid and needs to teach him a thing or two. Not the character.” Condemned.

What next for Lacey and Sammy?

In recent weeks, Lacey seems to be moving away from her current gimmick and potentially returning to her old southern belle persona or a new one. This is a much-needed change for a wrestler who could add a lot to the SmackDown roster.


As for Sami, he has appeared alongside Chris Jericho on AEW TV, recently challenging his Jericho Appreciation Society leader in a fatal four-way for the Ring of Honor title at Full Gear.

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