Jumanji The Next Level Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews

Jumanji The Next Level Age Rating

Now that we’ve gotten the silliness out of the way, this is a PG-13 movie.

Jumanji The Next Level Parents Guide

Jumanji: The Next Level is not suitable for young children.

Jumanji The Next Level Reviews

The realm of Jumanji is reactivated and reimagined and the fun escape of the slippery slope trap door begins.
Traditional and gameboard hijinks mix it up with waterfall puns cascading down like a slinky.
Lots of paper airplane laughter and jokes hit the air one after another as they were thrown across the classroom and hit their marks. It’s not miked up stand-up comic comedy, it’s fresh. Like a cucumber.
How funny is a cucumber?! Under the right setup, cucumber can be really fun. They come out of left field unexpectedly — which is probably one of the hardest tricks to execute. I mean I love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, Gilligan’s Island episode in high quality genre.

The various places these wileys wander are sure to be standard earth wind and fire initiation snowflakey sandy wind ice pitstops…Indiana Jones, The Mummy, The Hobbit with its own kind of Star Wars token shady shanty watering hole bar/town of displaced characters.
Great Craftsman Values.

The photography is pearly on an epic scale…meaning it’s highly textured, you feel cold or hot or creepy or dusty, like flying through a jungle filled with a crow plant with emerald floppy elephant-sized leaves hanging over you.
And through it capture the slickest cutting edge comedy action packed trek with adventure quest.
Pacing is the point.

Dialogue and narration, the writing is mainly subtle punch with themes of heartfelt friendship, light and deep.
In this…when and where “what I’m doing with my life and what I’ve done with my life” intersects.
This self-discovery cannot be mapped so laughter and tears are not expected.
Best comedy farce. Laugh-cry talent. It doesn’t mean it’s funny or ridiculous. It’s about real normal people coping with themselves and others, and the coincidences that cause laughter.

It is an accomplished team of actors. Comprehensive attention shuffles neatly like a 3 card Monte. Everyone shines equally and gets the last laugh card. A dramatic moment. A shenanigan. A breakfast cereal called Switcheroos.
“A” in timing for all.
You really feel like a character as you are invited and tagged along.

I diatribe and grist for the mill technical note. Scaling to try to make the 5’4″ Jonas, Black, Hart look as tall as the 6’5″ Dwayne stifles some of the creative flow. They are constantly layered, stacked, placed in positions to look the same size. silly pose Jonas rides a 4 foot Shetland horse, not a 6 foot horse. something Aside from this, some of the natural dialogue scenes don’t seem stiff and cardboard. You have Jonas/Dwayne tête-à-tête within 20 feet of each other but assuming they are side by side. Alas!

Congratulations on this great production.
An adventure film should be enjoyed.
Everyone can go, laugh, be excited.
Breezy Entertainment is the best.

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