James Wan’s Atomic Monster and Blumhouse in Talks to Merge – The Hollywood Reporter

Here’s a scary thought: Two terrible powerhouses could merge in order to create more terror.

James Wan’s Atomic Monster and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse, created horror franchises in between. Sa And The Conjuring to Paranormal activity And inauspiciousAs well as countless other hits are in advanced talks to merge.

The talks happen in the shadow of an upcoming horror movie M3GANIt saw the two men team up as producers.

The merger has some unique features as both companies operate as separate labels, each maintaining its own creative autonomy and brand identity.

After bringing the two brands together, insiders say Atomic Monster will have a first-look deal with Universal Pictures. Blumhouse is currently in first look with Universal. The studio recently released the finale Halloween Filming and distributing for Blumhouse M3GAN.

Atomic Monster previously had a deal at Warners, where Wan is in post-production Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. That deal expired in the summer.

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