Jake Paul provides update on Logan Paul’s ‘s****y’ injury

Logan Paul, in what can only be described as a positive update, did not tear his ACL at WWE Crown Jewel earlier this month.

Logan was feared to have seriously injured his knee coming out of his match with Roman Reigns, which would keep him out of action for several months.

However, Jake Paul has now revealed that his brother did not tear his ACL, meaning his suspected recovery time will be drastically reduced, which is great news for WWE fans.

Logan Paul injury latest news

Brought by WWE to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel, Jake Paul knocked out both of The Usos during his brother’s match with Roman Reigns.

And now, Jake has caught the attention of WWE fans once again by updating his brother’s injury status.

Speaking DAZNJake Paul has revealed that his brother Logan has not torn his ACL, which can only be described as a positive update. ResultTalk.

They are doing better than expected. He thought that [an ACL injury]But it turned out to be just the MCL and the menisci, which is fine.

Logan still described his injury as “s****y”. hasty podcast this week, his injury prognosis is definitely more positive than he initially feared.

If Logan had torn his ACL, he would have been out of WrestleMania 39, but it’s just an MCL and meniscal tear that means there’s a good chance he’ll be fit and able to make the show.

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Logan Paul is now signed with WWE

And as you can see from the tweets below, fans are excited at the news that Logan’s injury isn’t as serious as he and the fans first feared.

WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries
WWE Injuries

Who will Logan Paul face at WrestleMania?

As noted, the positive update regarding Logan’s injury is that he is more likely to appear at WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 39.

There’s no word on who he’ll be facing on the show, but the YouTube megastar knows who he wants to share the ring with.

Again, on him hasty podcast, Logan said he wants to face John Cena at the big show in April 2023 and also revealed that he texted Triple H to ask if that could happen.

As previously reported, Cena is slated to be on the show, so the prospect of a showdown between Logan and John isn’t completely off the cards.

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John Cena is one of WWE's biggest stars
John Cena is one of WWE’s biggest stars

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