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The coming recession? Are the psha streaming wars over? Double psha.

With the high-priced acquisition of the spy package red shirtThe spy thriller package, with the bold-faced names of Channing Tatum, David Leitch and Simon Kinberg, showed that Amazon was willing to pay a hefty sum. An era where streaming giants and major studios are rethinking film strategies.

The studio paid more than $50 million to key creative talent for the original thriller, which has Tatum attached to star, Leitch to direct and Kinberg to write. All three are producing under their respective banners, Free Association, 87North and Genre Films.

According to multiple sources, the deal called for Tatum to receive $25 million, Leach for $18 million, and Kinberg for $8 million for his services. The fees, which include production services, are the highest, if not the highest, in dealmaking history for an original pitch in Hollywood, making Kinberg one of the highest-paid screenwriters around. His writing contract is said to be $6 million. The numbers include buys that streamers pay to compensate for any potential backend lost due to the lack of a theatrical run. The deal also has a potentially dramatic component.

CAA, represented by Tatum, Leach and Kinberg, had no comment. Amazon also had no comment.

The deal had different permutations and could have gone several different ways. the shirt Hit the market the week before Thanksgiving with the prospect of setting fire to companies’ business affairs departments. And it was absolutely hot: Tatum proved his star quality this year with two infectious era theatrical hits, MGM’s the dog and the Paramounts The Lost City of D; Leitch is one of the most in-demand action directors currently working in Hollywood; And Kinberg returns to the genre that launched his writing career Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

But the eyeballs quickly began to bounce. The price of any contract, whether going to a streamer or a studio, is astronomical. Some studios made bids, getting creative to make the numbers work. One studio offered a theatrical commitment but only if the price was low. A 45-day theatrical commitment was demanded from the studios. Tatum was offered a lower fee but ultimately upped the backend with 50 percent of the pot if the film was a hit.

Then some studios started bowing out. According to one person, Netflix also dropped early, a sobering assessment of the market given that it’s a company that’s been pushing the boundaries of budgets and talent pay with movies over the past couple of years. Red Notice And The Gray Man, the latter of which came in over $250 million over budget. However, another source said the streamer stuck it out until the end.

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, Tatum made the decision to go with Amazon, taking the guaranteed cash advance the streamer was offering. It was a happy turkey day for the trio and their teams.

The deal shows Amazon as an aggressive player that sees top talent and is another sign that the company is gearing up for a content push. In the past week, it announced a four-film deal with Tyler Perry and landed a mini-series that sees Scarlett Johansson move into TV work for the first time.

Tatum is additionally represented by law firm Hansen Jacobson, Leach is represented by Johnson Shapiro and Kinberg is represented by Jacoby Austen.

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