Incredible fan theory could reveal mouth-watering WWE return plans

Bray Wyatt is rumored to be returning to WWE soon, even before tonight’s Smackdown.

WWE teased the ‘White Rabbit’ during Raw this week, which fans believe will lead to Bray’s return.

Indeed, reports of struggle Note that members of the WWE roster, who have been kept in the dark about the ‘White Rabbit’ teases, believe they are leading to Wyatt’s return.

Latest news on Bray Wyatt’s WWE return

However, there is some speculation that if Bray returns to WWE tonight, he won’t get his way.

On Monday’s episode of Raw, the lights went out during Alexa Bliss’ main event match with Bayley, which you can read more about by clicking here.

The theory among some fans is that this was not a production error and a tease that Bliss and Bray will work together again when the former WWE Champion makes his imminent return.

Bray Wyatt is rumored to be returning to WWE with Alexa Bliss

However, other fans don’t think that will happen, instead believing that Bray will be partnered with four other members of the WWE roster when he makes his imminent return to the company.

The theory, which presents some incredible storyline potential, suggests that Bray could be partnered with former allies Braun Strowman, Dexter Loomis and Carrion Cross.

The cross links are interesting, as some fans feel that if Bray isn’t the subject of the ‘White Rabbit’ vignettes, they could be used to build up the former NXT Champion upon his return this summer.

Some fans have theorized that Cross could be part of a new faction led by Bray, where each member represents a puppet in Bray’s Firefly Fun House, as you can see from the embedded tweet below.

The theory is that Loomis represents Mercy the Buzzard, while Strowman represents Huskus the Pig, one of the most popular characters during Bray’s run as ‘The Fiend’.

As for Cross, he and his manager represent the Scarlet White Rabbit and Abby the Witch, which makes for an incredibly exciting proposition.

Of course, there are no reports suggesting that Bray will lead a faction upon his WWE return, but this fan theory certainly makes for some incredibly interesting viewing.

As noted, fans won’t have to wait long to see if this theory is accurate, as Bray is believed to be making his return to WWE tonight on SmackDown.

You can also check out footage of Bray in great shape by clicking here once the footage has surfaced online.

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