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Casey Lemmons said her early relationship with Whitney Houston’s childhood friend and former creative director Robin Crawford “struggled” to appear in a biopic of the late singer. I want to dance with someone.

Whether the film – made with the backing of Houston’s family and estate and music producer Clive Davis – the romance between the pair was the subject of constant speculation leading up to its release. During its premiere, Davis confirmed The Hollywood Reporter It then says “about her sexuality”. Sharing with extra The film sets the record straight and depicts “they had a teenage, one-year relationship”.

“There are so many articles that trace her addiction to being a frustrated gay or never having dated a man before Bobby, all of which are completely inaccurate,” he added.

It was a relationship I want to dance with someone Director Casey Lemons said recently Los Angeles Times — also featured in an interview with stars Naomie Aki and Nafessa Williams — she had to navigate delicately while working with the estate. This meant that she did not reach out to Crawford directly and instead relied on the accounts of those who, like Crawford, knew both women. A Song for You: My Life with Whitney HoustonTo portray a “deep and vital” connection.

“I wanted to, but I didn’t,” Lemmons said, telling the outlet that he knew Crawford had a difficult relationship with the estate. “Because I was working with the estate, I was cautious. People’s feelings should be considered.

In her 2019 autobiography, Crawford confirmed her relationship with Houston, saying that even though she wanted to be together, “she said we shouldn’t be physical anymore, because it would make our journey even more difficult.”

It was a relationship that transcended the framework of romance, exploring the pair’s teenage friendship and eventual professional career in its portrayal. The Houston estate had already agreed to add Lemmons to the project before it was originally directed by executive producer Stella Meghey, who had departed as director.

But Lemons says the kiss between the two needs further discussion. “I said, ‘Well, maybe they kissed. We can really assume there was a romance there,'” she explained. “I think we all know at some point it goes beyond just friendship.”

“It was the sweetest kiss. It was like a first kiss, very romantic,” Lemmons added of the physical affection between the two women for the film’s final addition. “And I fought for it.”

Lemons wanted to fight for that moment I want to dance with someoneThe stars who portrayed both women — Aki as Houston, Williams as Crawford — didn’t want to be labeled either.

“Someone asked me about labels, and I don’t feel comfortable answering that question for either of them because they didn’t put labels on it,” Williams said. The LA Times. “I think they are soul mates.”

“I think it’s very interesting that sometimes we have an urge to put labels on everything, even if people in a relationship don’t do it themselves,” Aki added. “That’s always the power, there are no words for the love we have for each other. And it was a joy to create.”

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