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In recent years, Culver City — known for its small-town vibe within the larger LA megalopolis — has welcomed a growing number of new-media companies to its streets, including Amazon Studios, Apple and TikTok, as well as other divisions of HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery. The influx of this entertainment industry — which brings an estimated 7,500 to 9,500 jobs to the city of 40,000 — now boosts the restaurant business there, especially as more employees return to office life.

“I had two emails from Apple today [booking] dinner,” says chef Akasha Richmond Sky RestaurantIt started in 2008. “One emailed 90 people and another person emailed 27 about dinner.”

At lunch time, Platform LA Patrizio Spagnoletto, global CMO at Warner Bros. Discovery, says the 6-year-old boutique mall — which includes stores and restaurants — will be packed with entertainment staff. “It is the stamping ground of people in the industry. It feels like a mini-Hollywood outside of Hollywood,” he says. “I always recognize a lot of people from Amazon and Apple. If I have a confidential conversation [I needed to have]I will not go there.

Kate Arend, head of production at Amy Poehler’s Culver City-based Paper Kite production company, says: “Culver is spot on! We invite everyone to come to us for something new. She’s a fan of “every pizza, every salad, everything.” Roberta’s An Italian restaurant in Platform LA (a part of the Brooklyn version).

Historically, industry people who worked in the area only had “six or seven quality restaurants,” says Annie Woodward, partner at Culver City-based Authentic Talent and Literary Management.

But now, says Woodward, options abound. “It’s amazing,” he says. “It’s a different city than it was nine years ago. I always try to make people come to me – so good choices definitely work in my favor. His favorite spots include Woodward – Culver City Destroyer Cafe (“coffee and cookie at 4 p.m.”) and Mediterranean restaurant Margot The platform is in LA – also generally run with people Jackson MarketAn unassuming deli found in a residential neighborhood just south of Sony Pictures Studios, which has called Culver City home since the Japanese conglomerate acquired the historic MGM location in 1990.

Other shiny new developments in Culver City include Ivy station – Not just for HBO either Etta Restaurant and years old The Sh Hotel – and Culver StepsIt is expected to reach the Erewhon market soon.

at Dear Johns — the iconic Hollywood watering hole near the 405 Freeway that was relaunched in 2019 by chefs Hans Rockenwagner and Josiah Citrin — regulars are mostly executives from Amazon, Sony and Apple, says co-owner and Hans’ wife Patti Rockenwagner. Christopher Guest, Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Grey, John Stamos, Tiffany Haddish, Rian Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis are among the intimate venue’s celebrity fans who have provided the voice for the restaurant’s voicemail message and have a table named after them. (The owners recently opened a second seafood-focused restaurant Dear Janes(a little west in Marina del Rey.)

Opened in 1924, the exterior of the hotel was originally known as Hotel Hunt.

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at Simonet Restaurant At Polyhotel Culver City, regulars include Paris Jackson, Jon Bernthal and the cast of the Apple TV+ series. Mythic Quest.

Maya Mallick, owner of the newly renovated Culver Hotel (which houses Lily’s, a European-inspired bistro), says Tuesdays and Wednesdays are busiest at the restaurant, as they are Amazon’s in-office days. “Culver City has always been a studio town,” says Mallick, “The dining scene has changed significantly and become very dynamic in the last decade. Although it was a drive-by town years ago, it’s a culinary destination in LA.

Martini, oysters and steak frites ($38) with an 8-ounce American Wagyu Bavette at Lilly's (9400 Culver Blvd.) in the Culver Hotel.

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says Bruna Papandrea, founding producer of Culver City-based Made Up Stories THR, “It’s so exciting how many new favorites there are right now” in the city’s dining scene. She is a fan fish, a sushi restaurant in Platform LA, focuses on sustainably caught seafood and dry-cures its fish. It also offers vegetarian nigiri options.

Colin Whitbread, Phish chef and partner, says the presence of streaming companies nearby is a boon for the business. “We’re strategically better placed on the platform than other businesses because HBO is so close and Apple is literally down the street,” he says. “It’s this kind of byproduct that I didn’t expect. I’m really grateful to HBO and Apple. Their business is important — sometimes [we do] About 100 [seatings] Just for lunch.”

Management at Etta — whose dishes range from pastas and wood-fired pizzas to a $175 stuffed lobster — admits there’s an undeniable new-media effect on the dining scene. “Because we’re a neighborhood restaurant, Culver City really appealed to us,” says Josh Baca, Etta’s director of event sales. “It’s great for us because our neighbors — whether it’s Warner Bros. Discovery, Sony Studios, Apple TV or Amazon Studios — we’re all a big family in Culver City, so they’re frequent.”

Bar at Etta (8801 Washington Blvd.).

Bar at Etta (8801 Washington Blvd.).

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My nabe faves

Insiders share their favorite spots for business lunches in Culver City

Leah Linder, Communications Director, TikTok (and former food blogger)

“My favorite spot in all of LA— horn [10000 Washington Blvd.] – Just opened. Welcome to Culver City. Personally, if I’m booking an offsite meeting, expect someone to sit with me at one of the outdoor tables so we can chat off the record via Katsu Sando and Houjicha. [green tea]. Then I’ll probably pressure you into getting a scoop of yuzu sorbet and show you an endless scroll of Tiktoks. Fans of their egg salad Before we parted ways. And Destroyer With an immaculate chef-y breakfast and delicious people-watching, it’s great when you want to impress someone making the trek to Culver from New York or Silver Lake.

John Hurwitz, co-creator, Nagar KaI, Co-Founder, Counterbalance Entertainment

“Since a lot of my meetings are with writers or actors who have odd schedules, that’s my go-to spot Meet in Paris [9727 Culver Blvd.], because they serve breakfast or lunch till 4. I didn’t find a dime on the menu. Can’t go wrong with a prime steak salad or croque madame. I also became an A Filz coffee [9300 Culver Blvd.] an addict My course of action is to pre-order on the app, grab my coffee, and then block it Wise sons Deli [9552 Washington Blvd.] Bagel for everything with schmeer and enjoy both at their outdoor seating.

Jean Yang, Stylist and Manager, Anonymous Content

Jean Yang

Jean Yang

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Dear Johns [11208 Culver Blvd.] Something seems off Good fellas. They make you Caesar salad the old-fashioned way at the cart and they play the most bad-ass music. You half expect Joe Pesci to be sitting there. I really love this whiskey bar, Old Man Barat Hatchet Hall [12517 W. Washington Blvd.]. They actually make proper old school drinks. And I have a weakness Roberta’s [8810 Washington Blvd.] Because their bee sting pizza with honey is so good. Last: How could I forget Drip Kettle [9537 Culver Blvd.]? Get one of those delicious, ridiculous biscuits, the lemonade that’s so sweet your teeth hurt to even look at it, and then that fried chicken that’s so good.

Anne Woodward, Partner, Authentic Talent and Literary Management

“I always like to go Margot [8820 Washington Blvd.]. Food is great for me. I’m all about the atmosphere and the atmosphere is so amazing. That is my gold standard. As for the table, I like to sit outside. the sky [9543 Washington Blvd.] Another favorite of mine. You can also have coffee there and they have great baked goods. The sky is predominant. “

Steven Seibert, Founder, Lighthouse Entertainment

“Pastas at Bianca Restaurant [8850 Washington Blvd.] Great, and the bread is excellent.

Patrizio Spagnoletto, Global CMO, Warner Bros. Discovery

“Bianca’s is really good fresh food. I’m Italian and their focaccia bread is probably the closest I’ve ever seen to Italy. Staying in the Italian vein, this little place is called The Pasta Sisters [3280 Helms Ave.] It has some of the best pasta in LA It’s more casual but it’s really good food.

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