How much do you know about the WWE legend?

Triple H is now, without a doubt, one of the most influential figures in WWE.

Following Vince McMahon’s retirement in July, Triple H was made Chief Content Officer, meaning he now runs everything you see on WWE TV.

Despite his work behind the scenes, Triple H is one of WWE’s most successful wrestlers, with 14 world championships to his name.

What is Triple H doing in WWE now?

As noted, Triple H was hired as WWE’s Chief Content Officer in July, meaning he now has control over essentially everything fans see on Raw and SmackDown.

‘The Game’ has been in control of WWE’s programming for over two months now, and fans have generally been very pleased with what they’ve seen from him.

Triple H implemented several changes to WWE that fans have been wanting to see for years, making storylines more detailed and matches becoming more important.

Not only that, but Triple H has pushed several under-utilized WWE stars, as well as brought back several stars who left the company during Vince McMahon’s last few years running the show.

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Triple H now basically runs WWE

Is Triple H one of WWE’s biggest stars?

Undoubtedly, Triple H is one of the most successful wrestlers to ever step inside a WWE ring.

HHH won 14 World Championships in WWE, headlined WrestleMania several times, and was involved in some of the most iconic moments in wrestling history.

Upon his debut in 1995, Triple H immediately became one of WWE’s biggest stars, a position he held until he began a part-time schedule in 2010.

Triple H would return to even bigger feuds at major shows, including WrestleMania, until his retirement in April 2022, due to heart problems.

So yes, he may have been around for a while and has been a major part of WWE for almost 30 years at this point, but how much do you really know about Triple H?

GiveMeSport has put together a quiz, looking at various moments from Triple H’s career in and out of the ring, to determine who really is the biggest ‘Taker fan.

Triple H now basically runs WWE
Triple H now basically runs WWE

Mark Scheme

Finding out who is the ultimate Triple H fan is a serious test and one we are not willing to take lightly.

In fact, we’re taking it so seriously that we’ve come up with a mark scheme so you can compare yourself against others after you’ve completed.

0-3 points: Novice

4-7 points: Decent fan

8-11 points: solid fan

12-14 points: Very good fan

15 points: Triple H is a super fan

Triple H is a former WWE Champion

How many world titles has Triple H won?

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