Heathers Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews

Heathers Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews:

Heathers Age Rating

It’s okay for 12+

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For me, a complete cinephagos, I’ve been blessed to stumble upon many wonderful, sublime films, but Heathers still remains one of the best – if not the best – movies I’ve ever seen, it’s perfect. ways. While the highly creative, inventive and snarky dialogue works because it makes you laugh and stare, the plot is effortlessly universal because high school is and always will be a microcosm of our societies no matter where we live. Hinged, pitch perfect performances, all around. The three Heathers are brilliant, wicked, yet humane, Christian Slater is the brilliant, troubled young J.D., but Winona Ryder clicks harder than she does in all her other films as a post-feminist, genius-minded – I think. Don’t mess with me because I’ll tear you to shreds, character, Veronica Sawyer. All the secondary characters are very powerful, Betty, Martha, Kurt, Ram … they all know that they are taking part in a piece of cinematographic history and act with their chests.

Heathers is one of those rare instances where the premise is so outrageous that it can’t help but work, the story is eerily prescient and casts a long shadow over the high school tragedies of many years to come, but above all, Veronica Sawyer’s infinite and frankly inspiring strength to master her destiny. Funny, violent, dark, brilliant, fast-paced, epically edited and gorgeously sound-tracked, Heathers is a must-see in my opinion. Frankly, one of the best American movies ever made. I’m jealous if you haven’t seen it. I have watched it at least twenty times and I can’t wait to watch it at least twenty more times

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