Goldust’s Crocodile Hunter impersonation with the NWO was utterly brilliant

Goldust and Booker T were one of WWE’s funniest oddball pairings, and their Crocodile Hunter inspired segment with the NWO showcased the duo’s hilarity.

Goldust and Booker T were feuding with the NWO

During that time, the tag team feuded with the Black and Whites after Shawn Michaels unceremoniously booted Booker from the group. Before that, Goldust asked the group to agree, which was quickly rejected.

Goldust particularly brought out Booker’s funny side and in this segment Steve Irwin, dressed as a crocodile hunter.

The weirdo looked less weird somehow with the wig and crocodile hunter clothes.

While they’re usually in a swamp with crocodiles around, tonight they’re heading to a much more sinister place – the NWO locker room. He warned viewers that they usually travel in packs and can be very scary, but they were going in.

Goldust’s descriptions of The Big Show and X-Pac were hilarious

He enters to find The Big Show asleep on the couch, eye mask and all. In his best/worst Australian accent, Goldust told the audience to look at this, a giant, “shopotamus” lying in the flesh.

Adding to that, although these creatures are huge, they smell like a kangaroo crotch pouch, he said. That line returned him to his normal persona, which was odder than his impersonation of his beloved Australian zoo.

Flushing the toilet, Goldust was alerted to the presence of another creature in his vicinity, an X-Pac, or as “Steve Irwin” put it, “a rare bandana-wearing grease rat”. X-Pac asks what Goldust is doing here, calls him a freak, and chases him down the hallway of the building.

Goldust enters the NWO locker room

As the two exited the NWO locker room, the sleeping Big Show showed little signs of waking up before dreaming about the cheeseburger again.

X-Pac ran right into Booker and Goldust’s trap

The chase led to the “Grease Rat” being caught in a trap set by Goldust and Booker T, which resulted in the 5-time WCW Champion taking a trash can lid to the face, seemingly hitting him six times.

Booker proceeded to trash the unconscious X-Pac, laying some crocodile hunter slang of his own on his slain victim.

The feuds between Goldust and X-Pac continued over the coming weeks and months, both with and without the NWO, showing the duo’s comedic range. They remain some of WWE’s most underrated and hilarious skits.

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