Gear club Stradale Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews

Gear club Stradale Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews: Gear Club Stradale is an dream come true: you take a long vacation in a gorgeous villa all the time you want to drive the most beautiful cars. Gather your friends and start your own club in the cradle of the supercar and in the gorgeous region of Italy: Tuscany.

Gear club Stradale Age Rating

Gear club Stradale is an rated 8+ age rating.

Gear club Stradale Parents Guide

Basic connection process

On your Apple device, go to Settings tab and Bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on

Then Turn on your controller

Then Put your controller into pairing mode

Then Select the name of the controller when a it appears in the list of available devices

Your controller should now pair with your device

You can now play Gear.Club: Stradale with a paired controller.

Next Bluetooth controller connection guides

Connect a wireless game controller to your Apple device

PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Then Xbox Wireless Controller


Make sure your controller has batteries/charged to prevent connectivity issues

Next Unpair your controller from other devices before starting a new connection

Gear club Stradale Reviews

Gear.Club Stradale is an arcade racer that tries and successfully manages to cover a niche between more serious racing games like the GRID series and other arcade racers like the Asphalt series. It is easy to pick up and easy to master as it does not support complex control mechanics like manual gears.

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