Footage of Raw star detailing respect for Triple H shows why they returned

WWE saw the return of Mia Yim on Raw last night, with the released star returning to join The OC in their feud against Judgment Day.

It’s been teased for the past few weeks that a female star might join The OC to neutralize Rhea Ripley’s Judgment Day threat, and Yim is that person.

And now, footage of Yim has surfaced that could potentially reveal why she decided to return to the company.

Why did Mia Yim return to WWE?

So, Mia has returned to WWE after her release last year, now fans are asking why she decided to come back.

The theory among fans is that Triple H is a big factor in Vince McMahon’s replacement, as are many other recent WWE returnees.

In fact, Yim has gone on record before to talk about the immense respect he has for ‘The Game’, perhaps explaining why he decided to return.

You can check out the clip for yourself below, with Yim talking about how much Triple H cares about the talent that works for him.

Video: Mia Yim explains her huge respect for Triple H

When you see how much Yim admires Triple H, it’s no surprise to see her come back to WWE, it’s clear she enjoyed working for him in NXT and wanted to do it again.

Yim says he doesn’t think Triple H will put him in an “unsafe situation,” citing personal experience with the former WWE Champion and new chief content officer.

The moment came after Yim took a bad fall in a ladder match during her time with NXT, noting that Triple H really checked her out afterwards.

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Mia Yim has returned to WWE

Latest news about Mia Yim

Now that she has returned to WWE, Yim is expected to feud with Rhea Ripley, as she is the female member of the OC Judgment Day.

Her return opens the door for a four-on-four intergender tag team match between the two factions, which will likely take place at Survivor Series.

Yim was clearly a favorite of Triple H, so the fact that they brought her back gives fans hope that she will be booked well during her second run on WWE’s main roster.

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