Footage of Logan Paul putting CM Punk to shame

Logan Paul suffered his first loss in WWE after being defeated by Roman Reigns in the main event of the WWE Crown Jewel.

Despite not winning the undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Logan once again impressed fans with his stellar work in the ring.

And just now, footage has now surfaced showing Paul insulting former WWE Superstar CM Punk in a match.

How did Logan Paul embarrass CM Punk?

During the match, Logan Hangman hit Page’s signature move, the Buckshot Lariat, and did so to spell perfection.

However, CM Punk has proven several times this year that this move isn’t always right for veteran wrestlers.

The footage has now gone around Logan’s move compared to Punk’s two failed attempts in AEW this year, and it makes for some rough viewing.

Video: Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk with a perfect lariat

The move is more of a credit to Logan and Punk’s incredible in-ring work as opposed to a knock on them, but the side-by-side footage is a bit embarrassing.

Logan executes the move perfectly despite the more experienced punk having issues with the move on two occasions earlier this year.

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Logan Paul has impressed WWE fans

How have fans reacted to the scenes?

As you’d expect, fans not only jumped at the chance to praise Logan, the clip has been making the rounds on social media, but CM also takes a few shots at Punk.

Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk
Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk
Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk
Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk
Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk
Logan Paul embarrasses CM Punk

Credit to Logan, who, as noted, impressed the fans once again with his amazing in-ring work in his third match.

Logan is proving that what he lacks in experience he makes up for with athletic excellence. They are seriously good and deserve a lot of credit for where they are despite only debuting a few months ago.

In fact, fans online still can’t believe this is Logan’s third match, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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Logan Paul loses the WWE Crown Jewel
Logan Paul loses the WWE Crown Jewel

If you managed to catch the show today, you can watch the event in full, including the one-hour pre-show, right now on demand WWE Network.

You can watch Crown Jewel live in the UK on Monday night’s WWE Raw BT Sports and in the US on the USA Network.

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