Footage just after Edge’s proves how great Baron Corbin is

He may be one of the most despised characters on TV. Baron Corbin Widely regarded as one of the most reliable safe workers WWEThis was evident at the 2020 Royal Rumble.

During the iconic 30-man over the top rope battle royale, Edge Returned after just nine years out of action after an injury-forced retirement. Wrestling fans and wrestling fans around the world lost their minds en masse to the sound of the R rated superstar’s music.

It was long assumed that the Edge would never take a bump, let alone step back inside the squared circle for a matchup of any description. That’s how severe his neck problems were and how dangerous and potentially fatal things can be.

Edge’s return was a shock and caution should have been taken

However, like many others in recent years, viz Stone Cold Steve AustinEdge was also the beneficiary of improvements in science and medicine that made it possible for him to wear tights and lace his shoes again.


At the same time, it’s still a risk to his ring rust and it’s a little surprising that Edge and the other wrestlers are so safe and cautious past their first night. This was evident on his first bump in the match – “Deep Six” by Baron Corbin.

Watch the clip below (shared on Twitter by @WrestleFeatures) and note both Corbin’s slow movements and Edge cradling his neck for extra protection.

Video: Baron Corbin’s Ultra-Safe Deep Six on Edge at the 2020 Royal Rumble

Corbin’s ultra-professionalism on the show has been a hallmark of his WWE career, and he is well-liked and trusted backstage. He may not be the most exciting wrestler but he has the ability to step into any program and match, which makes him a valuable member of the roster.

Edge is Kevin Owens
Edge is Kevin Owens

WWE24 footage after the match showed Edge joking with fellow Canadian Kevin Owens about the bump, which was clearly a significant obstacle upon his return to the ring. It had been so long.

What’s next for Corbin and Edge?

Baron has recently teamed up with JBL, who has been referred to as a modern day “god of wrestling” by the man who coined the phrase about himself in the mid-2000s. The pair haven’t quite clicked yet and it will be interesting to see how things progress in the coming months.

Edge has not been seen since Extreme Rules when he lost an “I Quit” match to Finn Balor with help from his former stablemate Judgment Day. The villainous group then put both the WWE legend and his wife Beth Phoenix in the crosshairs (in the story) with a devastating pair of concertos.

Perhaps they will be revived in the new year as the road to WrestleMania begins to take shape once again at the Royal Rumble.

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