Famed ‘Goonies’ House for Sale in Oregon for $1.7M – The Hollywood Reporter

Good news for fans The Goonies: An old Victorian house featured in a movie is for sale in Astoria, Oregon, and potential buyers are considering making it more accessible to the public.

“We have a few interested parties right now,” says Realtor Jordan Miller, the property’s listing agent. “It seems like everyone’s intention is to open up the house a little more and have more access.”

The 1896 home with sweeping views of the Columbia River flowing into the Pacific Ocean is listed on Zillow with an asking price of $1.7 million, where it’s described as “fully loaded with history, nostalgia and celebrity-level fame.”

Ever since the movie hit theaters in 1985, fans have flocked to the house in Astoria, a historic port in northwestern Oregon. The city celebrates The Goonies On June 7, the release date of the film, and the event will welcome thousands of people.

Owner Sandy Preston was known to often welcome visitors. But she lived at home full time, and the constant crowds sometimes prompted her to close it to foot traffic.

After the film’s 30th anniversary drew nearly 1,500 daily visitors in 2015, Preston posted “No Trespassing” signs prohibiting tourists from walking onto the property. They reopened it to the public last August.

City officials, who have restricted parking in the area, have long tried to mediate tensions between residents and fans hoping to see and photograph the site.

“The owner of this place The Goonies As a movie fan and enjoy chatting with visitors who trek to Astoria to see movie locations, as you can imagine, it can be hard to have hundreds of people crowding into your personal space every day,” he wrote in August on the Facebook page he manages the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce. The Goonies Day in Astoria, Oregon.

In the coming-of-age movie, based on the story by Steven Spielberg and featuring a young Sean Astin, a group of friends fight to protect their home from an expanding country club and foreclosure threats. In the process, they discover an old treasure map that leads them on an adventure and allows them to save their “Goon Docs” neighborhood.

Astoria and its rugged coastline served as the backdrop for several famous movies from the 1980s and 90s. Kindergarten cop Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For now, potential buyers of Iconic The Goonies Miller, the listing agent, said the home was not intended to make the house their primary residence, indicating that it has attracted interest from people who want to “make it their passion.”

“It’s kind of a fun buy,” Miller said. “Whoever buys a house has a relatively steady stream of very happy people walking out to make their childhood dreams come true.”

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