‘Extremely sick’ star was ‘adamant’ about still wrestling at Crown Jewel

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre is now said to have been “extremely ill” days before the Crown Jewel.

However, the Scotsman, to his credit, was described as “adamant” about still wrestling Carrion Cross on the show.

And now, Drew is earning serious praise for his commitment to the fans who wrestled under the weather last night.

What’s wrong with Drew McIntyre?

Yesterday at Crown Jewel, Drew Carreon defeated Cross in a steel cage match, making the score 1-1 between the pair since their first match back in October.

however, PWInsider Drew was reportedly seriously ill in the days leading up to the match, but insisted on still wrestling for the fans in Saudi Arabia.

Drew McIntyre has been seriously ill with the flu for the past several days but despite that he gutted through his steel cage match against Carrion Cross. McIntyre was adamant that no matter what, he would make it to the ring and work, and was able to do it today.

It’s to Drew’s credit that he was able to take part in the show despite being seriously ill, and as you can see below, fans are singing his praises as a result.

WWE fans
WWE fans
WWE fans
WWE fans
WWE fans
WWE fans
WWE fans

Latest news on Drew McIntyre

At the time of writing, there is no word on the plans WWE has for McIntyre in the coming weeks after his win against Cross last night.

Considering the two now have one win against each other, logic dictates that the feud will continue, but some have speculated that WWE won’t look to move them into other feuds.

Drew, for example, is rumored to be one of the potential participants to go up against The Bloodline at Survivor Series: Wargames, but that’s nothing more than fan speculation at this point.

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Drew McIntyre is one of WWE's top stars
Drew McIntyre is one of WWE’s top stars

Cross, on the other hand, has been tossed around as possibly being involved with Bray Wyatt’s new faction, which is rumored to be coming to WWE TV before long.

However, much like Drew at Wargames, this is nothing more than fan speculation at this point, and no one is reporting that Cross will be 100% compatible with Vat in the coming weeks.

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